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Okai Chisato covers Love Namidairo November 29, 2010

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Normally, I’m not a huge fan of when others cover Aya’s songs. This mostly stems from the fact that since I personally hold her in such high esteem I find it hard for others to live up to that standard.  For example this has caused me to rather dislike Reina’s performance of “The Bigaku” from the Platinum 9 Disco tour and Manoeri’s rendition of “Momoiro Kataomoi” from the ~Fankora~! tour, regardless of how technically proficient those performances might be.

That being said, I actually rather like this version by Chisato.

I think it all comes down to the presentation. It’s all very humble and unassuming, which makes it very different from any version that Aya has done in the past. She is literally just singing and dancing along in (what I assume to be) her room. If you look closely you can tell she isn’t even using a microphone; that’s actually a flashlight!  How cute is that? It’s actually kind of easy to forget that she is a professional idol. In a way she is the inverse “Beckii Cruel,” in that she is a professional trying to take on an amateur persona.

The crazy thing is that this is working for her. Really, really well. This is actually the fifth such video that she’s posted on the official C-ute Youtube channel, and at the time of this posting she’s accrued more than one and a half million views across them. One and a half million! Wow!

This one is slightly different though, in that this is the first time that she’s danced to (and thus sung) a non-C-ute song.  You can even buy her cover on iTunes, which is most likely a response to popularity of her videos.

Listening to the iTunes preview though takes me back to the comparison with Aya. The audio is cleaned up in the downloadable version and despite the fact that she really did a great job on the song, I can’t help but think that Aya’s version was superior. I actually greatly prefer the audio track in the posted video despite it being “rawer” just because it seems more genuine and has kind of a karaoke feel to it, which helps me from immediately comparing it back to Aya.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if the audio in the video was just the raw studio recording dubbed back over her dancing.

I actually kind of find it hard to believe that Chisato is the first from C-ute to have her own solo single (no, “Shock!” doesn’t count, well not technically at least).  She really has come a long way though, even in the last couple of years.  If I would have seen this video at the beginning of 2007 I don’t think I would have even recognized her.  To think she’s only 16, I imagine I might be saying the same thing again in three more years.