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Niigaki Risa to Graduate From Morning Musume January 14, 2012

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Well, I’ve certainly put off writing this post for long enough.

I admit that when I first heard the news of her graduation I wasn’t livid like I had been at the last two graduation announcements. No, frankly, I was broken. Risa is the last member of Morning Musume I really like. When I listen to a Morning Musume song it’s her voice I listen for. When I watch on of their performances, it’s her dancing that I keep an eye on. Sure, I enjoy the work of the other girls, but they aren’t the main attraction for me.

Like Ai’s graduation this certainly wasn’t that big of a surprise. She’s been a member of the group for well over ten years, and frankly after the addition of the last two generations it’s fairly obvious that there is a conscious effort to lower the age of the group.

I am rather relieved that Risa was at least allowed to graduate on her own after Ai (you can read about that, and translated versions of the official statements here). A double graduation of both Ai and Risa would have been really quite traumatic. Risa is the last link the current Morning Musume has to their “Golden Age” so to speak. If the graduation of Ai signified the end of an era, so will Risa’s graduation, albeit a bit more subtly.

I’m also rather glad she was at least allowed to be leader, even if just for these few short months. She always seemed like she would make a perfect leader when she was second-in-command, and combined with the fact that she was charged with breaking-in the brand new tenth gen I am happy that she was given some important tasks to accomplish during her last few months.

I’m not quite so thrilled that she’s graduating on April 1st, though. Since I’ve finally been able to put some money aside I made up my mind that I’d finally make the pilgrimage, so to speak, to Japan this fall. If she was graduating in the Fall I would have gone to that concert. Absolutely no question. But May? There’s no way I can take off that much time so soon.

Also, it’s not like I just wouldn’t mind seeing her stick around a little bit longer, especially considering that PyocoPyoco Ultra (Risa’s probable graduation single) is the first Momusu single in quite a while that I rather dislike. Tsunku has tweeted a few snippets that there might be a new single with a “cool” image, so I certainly hope that that does come to be. Well, comes to be before May that is.

Something else that bothers me a bit is how the leadership of Hello! Project as a whole will shift from Morning Musume to Berryz Kobo, Shimizu Saki to be specific. I have nothing against Shimizu, but it still seems like an odd turn of events. Is MM losing their flagship status in Hello! Project? Or is there so little faith in Sayumi as a leader that they won’t give her that responsibility? That last question would somewhat address the reason as to why the position of sub-leader seemed to be abolished once tradition would have dictated that Sayu would have been given the position.

So after Risa leaves I’m certainly not going to lose interest in Morning Musume. The sixth gen are still enjoyable to watch. The ninth gen is solid, and I’m still looking forward to what the tenth gen can bring to the table. My main draw, Risa’s fierce delivery of nearly everything she did, will be gone though, and I’m not going to lie when I say that I can’t help but imagine that it will diminish my enthusiasm a bit.


A Personal Memory about Takahashi Ai September 30, 2011

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Alternate title: "O Captain, my Captain"

This post should go live at the very beginning of Takahashi Ai’s graduation concert, which means by the time you’re reading this Morning Musume is going to be down it’s longest lasting leader and has swelled in size to twelve including the four brand-new tenth gen members.

I’m actually a little hesitant about titling this post as “Remembering…” as in Takahashi will no longer be with us. Luckily it looks like that won’t be the case as Ai-chan already has a musical in the works as part of her post-graduation plans and it was even mentioned that Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobitatsu Kara would only be the first of her solo songs. I’m really only using this title to tie back in to the good-bye I gave to Eri, Junjun and Linlin back in 2010 as I had good reason to believe that we really wouldn’t be hearing all that much from them afterwards (reasonably correctly too, I might add). [Edit: I’ve succumbed to pressure and changed the title anyway… ^^;]

So in keeping with the theme of “Remembering…” I’d like to talk about a personal memory I have of Ai-chan from July of 2009 when I was fortunate enough to see Morning Musume when they attended Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. At the time I wasn’t a huge Morning Musume fan, but I was pretty familiar with them through their association with Hello! Project and thus, Matsuura Aya.

The first event that Morning Musume participated in was a Q&A event closely followed by a signing/handshake session. At that session they had all of the girls lined up by seniority, so Ai-chan was first, Risa second, etc.

Now if any of you are unaware, Reina has a very complex signature. Complex to the point that it took her so long to sign things that she was significantly holding the line up, and because of that people got to spend quite a bit more time interacting with Ai, Risa and Sayu than the rest of the girls.

So when I finally get to go up to the front of the line you have to realize I’m nervous as all heck. It was really a surreal moment to see these girls in the flesh, to actually realize that they’re real people. It sounds so incredibly silly when I think back on it, but that really is the general feeling that I had at the time.

So I go up to Ai-chan and we exchange a “Hi,” I hand her my poster, she signs it in few seconds, hands it back, and I say thank you.

…and then I just stand there.

I’m standing in front of Ai-chan. Both of us are just starring at each other. Oh gosh, what the heck do I do? Should I say something? I should say something! What should I say? I shouldn’t say it in English, she probably wouldn’t understand. So I open my mouth, still forming the words in my head…

“Me gusta…”

CRAP! That’s Spanish, that’s even worse than English! So I close my mouth quickly without saying anything. Again, again! I need to try again! So I try to take a second shot…

“Creo que…”


It was at that point there that I broke and realized the absolute absurdity of my situation. I was standing in front of Takahashi Ai, the leader of the Japanese pop group Morning Musume, in the middle of downtown Los Angeles and I’m desperately trying to speak Spanish to her. If you would have told me that such and event would transpire just six months before hand I wouldn’t have believed you, heck I still sometimes have a hard time believing it actually happened!

So after coming to such a realization I just giggled. It was the only thing I think I was actually capable of doing at that point; the whole thing was just so silly.

Takahashi, God bless her, was just beaming at me the whole time I was standing there in front of her. And you know what her response was to my giggle?

She giggled right back.

Takahashi Ai and myself giggled at each other.

I didn’t have much of chance to take in what had happened as maybe two or three seconds later the line moved and I went to see Risa.

Our whole meeting lasted maybe 25 seconds over two years ago and I can still remember every detail perfectly. Seeing her face light up like that when she giggled is something that I’ll never forget.

So, thank you Ai-chan.

Thank you for helping make that day something special. Thank you for leading Morning Musume for the entire period of time in which I’ve actually been a fan. And, finally, thank you for simply providing me with so much enjoyment over these last two years through your work.

Preview of Morning Musume’s “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa o Honki de Negatterun da yo!” August 27, 2011

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Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! is just one of the double A-sides of Morning Musume’s 47th single set to release on the fourteenth of September (the other being Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai). A preview of the PVs for both tracks were released on this week’s HelloPro! TIME. You can take a look for yourself here. I’m only going to be talking about Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! here, because hey, I like that one better! 😀

So without further ado: PIC-SPAM TIME!

The PV starts off with all of the girls asleep in bed, because apparently the entire thing is just a dream that they enter through…

…a magical door! I think that it’s a pretty neat idea to frame the PV with and the transition they use while maybe a little cliché, is still pretty effective.

Thankfully Ai-chan’s hair is no longer blonde! I hate to admit it, but the color and cut actually work pretty well with this particular costume.

Speaking of the costumes, they are extremely reminiscint of what was worn in 2007’s Onna ni Sachi Are, albeit with a noticeable lack of feathers. That’s certainly not a bad thing, though.

Also that psychedelic tunnel of flashing disco lights is rendered rather well. It’s a bit impressive to see in motion and I think it makes a fine backdrop.

Going through the first half of the preview there is an obvious emphasis on Ai and Reina, as really could be expected anymore. But in addition to those two I couldn’t help but notice a lot of Riho. Like a whole heck of a lot of Riho. To be fair, she really does a fine job but I imagine this emphasis on her will just continue to grate on me for a while longer.

I was starting to feel a little annoyed by all of the Riho pushing until Risa here had her solo line. Is it by design that she is given one of the most powerful lines in the song, or was it just her performance that made it seem that way?

…and then she is given a true solo? OH HECK YES!

Seriously though, while she may not be given as many lines as some of the other girls whenever she has a solo it’s almost always something special. I absolutely love that about her!

Extra brownie points go to Sayu for looking extra gorgeous in this shoot. That sash/necklace thing looks a bit like something she stole from Mr. T when he wasn’t looking, but I’ll just let that slide considering how short that skirt is and how long those legs of her’s are. Why has it taken me this long to notice them? They’re quite fantastic 😀

Oh, and apparently Miss Takahashi is a loser! Sorry Ai-chan! ><

So, what about the song? I like it. It has a bit of an old school Morning Musume flavor to it with the funky disco-style beat (also the exclamations of "love and peace," can't help but remind me of Love & Peace! HERO ga Yattekita). It also has epic Risa solos. Those make everything better.

I do want to take a second to congratulate Ai and Risa for ten whole years in Morning Musume! That’s one heck of a legacy they’ve made for themselves, and while Ai’s time might be limited, hopefully Risa can take that record and run with it a bit longer! Long live the fifth gen!

Morning Musume – Only you May 29, 2011

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Hey guys, remember me? 😉

Ahh, so the proverbial feces has definitely impacted the fan in regards to my school work. Which is certainly a shame since there is literally SO MUCH STUFF THAT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT NOW. Morning Musume, Kikka, Mano, and heck, even AKB48 are all subjects I want to discuss a bit. I only have two weeks longer, so you should definitely see those articles. You know, eventually…

So, since I’m here now, what topic shall I discuss? Well, if you didn’t read the title, nor if you eyes hadn’t already been drawn immediately below, Morning Musume’s 46th single and PV for “Only you!”

Here are my thoughts:

  • The Good:
    • Return to a More Mature Sound: I liked “Maji Desu ka Ska!,” but I think I might just enjoy the mature sound a bit better with these members. Hopefully though, we’ll see a more even mix of genki and mature in the future to keep everyone from getting sick of one or the other. =D
      Something else I have to give props for is that they pulled of the mature sound pretty well even though half the group are tweens. Albeit that might be because most of those members weren’t used much…
    • That is a Gorgeous Looking PV: It really is. The girls all look beautiful in those costumes, and no one got short-changed à la “Seishun Collection” (seriously, those pants looked pretty awful, and for gosh sake, somebody get Junjun a belt like the other girls!). While the white set is a little bland, it’s not bad, but when they threw the colored lights on? Fantastic!
  • The Indifferent:
    • Risa’s Solo Lines: A general rule I have for Morning Musume is More Risa = More Better. Pretty logical right, you can’t really screw that up. So how could two legitimate solos not make it up there on the good list? Well, they tried to screw it up. I mean really, could they have used any more effects over her voice? Luckily, the absolute fierceness of her deliveries barely saved it.
  • The Bad:
    • That is a Heck of a Lot of Takahashi and Tanaka: Seriously. You don’t even hear any of the other girls until a minute ten in. While I can’t deny that they sound great here, c’mon let somebody else sing. Honestly though, at this point it almost seems futile to even keep complaining about this.
    • Riho Being Pushed to the Front: I can’t say this is a surprise, but I really do hope that the other three ninth gen members aren’t going to be constantly in the back like the 8th was. Also, while I agree that Riho is certainly an incredibly talented dancer she still really can’t sing all that well compared to the current front girls Takahashi and Tanaka.
    • Takahashi’s Hair: This honestly could have been the greatest, most transcendent song in all of human history, with a promotional video so fantastic and moving that future generations would cite it as the single event that set the ball rolling towards world peace, and I would still complain about Takahashi’s hair. I don’t think she looks bad with really short hair (see “Mikan”), but that blonde looks really awful to me. Like really, really awful. I hate to say, but if you take away the ultra-feminine clothes, I’d swear she could be a member of any generic Japanese boy band. Albeit, a really short member. =D

So overall I enjoyed it, but not without a few serious caveats. So, what did you guys think?

Ai-chan is in LA! February 1, 2011

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How awesome is that?

Now, I certainly didn’t look up the location of every “The Body Shop” in the Los Angeles area and compare their storefronts to come to the conclusion that she was in the Beverly Center. I didn’t note that not only do the storefronts match, but so do the floor tile pattern, and the presence of the “Scene” store directly adjacent to it. I totally didn’t do that.

131 North La Cienega Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048, sixth floor near Macy’s.

What? Don’t judge me! ><

Ai is actually scheduled to have a new photobook come out this March 28, and a new solo DVD on April 20th. Is she shooting these in LA? No clue, but it would be really cool if she did. It would be pretty neat to actually recognize some of the locations she visited in a photobook. Of course I can't see a Los Angeles photobook seeming very "exotic," but I imagine the residents of Hawaii and Guam might share similar feelings!

She was a mere 25.9 miles away from me. So close, yet so far… 😉

Update: Ahh, it appears that her trip was for recreation and she wasn’t shooting her PB/solo DVD. Still, good for her. Glad she gets some time to herself to relax! ^^

A bit more on Takahashi Ai’s graduation January 10, 2011

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Last night’s post was a bit of a knee jerk reaction, but I must say that most of my points still hold up. While her graduation was inevitable, and I am sad to see her going now, I still think the timing of this announcement is really quite premature.

When I discovered this news I was actually browsing around on Twitter, which is a very rare thing for me to do, and I stumbled upon this post by the Hello! Ranking staff:


As soon as I saw that my heart sank. You know that feeling in your stomach you get when something truly awful happens? Yup, right there. I immediately tried to verify that post wasn’t some horrible prank and then went into panic-mode and texted my one good friend who also likes H!P. We talked a bit on AIM and then I wrote that post I made here last night.

I was pretty bitter last night, and I’m still not exactly happy now, but the thing is, it’s not exactly like no one saw this coming, and nor is Ai-chan is being cut short. She’s been leader for longer than any other member, and she’s even been in the group longer than anyone else sans Risa. She leads nearly every single, and has really been in the forefront for a large portion of her time in the group. It would be a disservice to her to say she’s had a good run. She’s had a great run, arguably even the best run so far of any member in the group’s history.

This brings up another concern, though. What the heck will Morning Musume be like without Ai-chan? Undoubtedly the group will adapt, as it will have to, but it will still be a strange sight. This really isn’t a new situation though, as this has happened before when Abe Natsumi left, as Isilwentari has pointed out, and that certainly didn’t spell the end of Morning Musume then (even though many people said it would). Another thing to think about is what will happen to Takahashi’s lines? For a song like “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game,” where her and Reina together share the majority of the song’s lines it would be almost over bearing if Reina kept her portion of the lines, and Takahashi’s were distributed among the remaining members. Something to think about.

Thanks to Turbos86 over at Hello!Online we have translations of both Tsunku’s comment on the graduation, and Ai-chan’s official message about it.

This is the comment regarding Takahashi Ai’s graduation from Morning Musume

Thank you for your continual support as always.
As announced directly herself on the stage of January 9th’s show at Nakano Sunplaza,
5th generation member, Takahashi Ai will be graduating from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project in Morning Musume’s concert tour this fall.

When the proposal for Kamei Eri’s graduation was made last year,
I told Takahashi Ai, “It’s about time you should consider the timing of your own graduation and what you want to pursuit afterward” as an advice.

The 5th generation members will have joined Morning Musume for 10 years.
Takahashi Ai is the 6th leader and has been in this position for 3 years and 7 months.
Takahashi Ai holds the record for being the longest in the group and the longest to hold the leader position.
Looking back, she has honestly carried the responsibility for all this time.

(In no disrespect to all former members and leaders of the group…excuse me)

I have talked with her about various things, such as her activities afterward
As announced in the new year concert, her graduation will be in Morning Musume’s Autumn concert tour,
this was the right time to make the announcement.

Since there are still more than half a year to go,
the 9th generation members have to familiarize themselves with Morning Musume’s music
and dances, to become self aware that they are part of the group.
Takahashi plans to properly finish her job as leader in the mean time.

Please be looking forward to what will become of Morning Musume.

Takahashi Ai will continue to be active in music, theater, and live events after her graduation.
Details will gradually be released.

Also, after Takahashi Ai’s graduation, Niigaki Risa will assume the leader position of the group,
and become the longest active member of Morning Musume

Morning Musume Producer

That really is a fairly nice message, but the one thing that bugs me is his feelings that this was the “right time to make the announcement.”

Now, I know others are happy that this was announced so early, as this gives them the opportunity to cherish the time they have left with Ai-chan in the group, and I can sympathize with that position. For me personally, I’ll worry over this long before I should. I’m already a little on edge over something that’ll be happening almost a whole year from now, for gosh sakes!

Another thing that bothers me a bit is that there have been a LOT of changes to Morning Musume’s roster over the last few weeks. Eri, Junjun and Linlin have just graduated, the ninth generation were revealed just a week ago, and now Takahashi is to graduate? That is a whole heck of a lot to take in. I really wish they would have at least given us a little while to get used to the ninth gen. before announcing her graduation, as it really does put a bit of a dark cloud over the whole thing.

Make no mistake though, I’m almost entirely sure the reason this was announced so early was to spur goods sales. This is going to be a sentimental year for all of her fans, and I know they’ll be plenty of opportunities for them to turn that sentiment into something a bit more tangible, something I’m sure I’ll be guilty of as well… ><

Something that really intrigues me about Tsunku's comment is his assurance that Ai-chan, "will continue to be active in music, theater, and live events." The theatre part is especially interesting, as we know that she has always dreamed of being a part of Takarazuka, and while maybe she hasn't actually joined that group, maybe she’ll move her career more into musical theatre? While that may not be my cup of tea, I’d certainly be happy for her as I’m sure that would be something she would greatly enjoy.

Here is Takahashi’s official comment:

It has been decided that, I, Takahashi Ai, during Morning Musume’s concert tour this Autumn,
will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project.
At the time when Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin’s graduations were decided,
Tsunku-san told me, “It’s about time Takahashi should think about your own graduation’s timing!”
which has gotten me thinking.

I will have been in Morning Musume for 10 years comes this August,
So I thought it will be a good time! to graduate in the Autumn Morning Musume concert tour.

As there are still around 9 months left, I will do my best as leader until that time to shape up this new Morning Musume.

I will be affectionate to the newly added 9th generation members as I try to teach them various things, everyone please rest assured.

This too reasserts the fact that it was a positive decision by Ai to graduate at this time. I do admit that Tsunku’s comment sounds a bit like, “When the heck are you gonna leave?” but I don’t think one can really try to infer that much out of a translation. 😉

I must also admit I’m really excited for Risa. I always slightly feared that Ai and Risa would graduate together, which would have taken this chance away from her. Heck, if there ever was a girl better groomed to be leader I can’t imagine it. There’s no doubt she’ll be far more proactive that Ai was, and her love and passion for the group is second to none. She’ll make an amazing leader, and will hopefully be given a fair while to make a legacy for herself. In the meantime, though, I’m sure she’ll have her hands full helping Ai get the ninth gen in line! ^^

So, honestly, I really should try to look at the glass as half full. Even though Ai-chan leaving the group will irreversibly tear a huge hole into the Morning Musume line-up I’ve grown to love, she’ll still be with us for the majority of the year, and her leadership will be replaced by someone who could be no more deserving or competent for the job. I imagine I might have to say that to myself quite a bit over this year. ><

How do you ruin a year? January 9, 2011

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That’s a good question for you. How could one possibly ruin a year?

I was pretty darn excited for Morning Musume this year. Four new members who all seem pretty solid, how could one not be excited?

So, how can one kill such excitement in an instant? Announce that Takahashi Ai will be graduating at the end of this year’s Fall tour.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m pretty fond of Ai-chan. I really like her. A lot. I also knew that this was going to happen. It had to, eventually. But why now?

Seriously. Isn’t four new members enough of a roster change for this year? We haven’t seen any new members since 2007. It’s a big enough deal in and of itself. Also, why the HECK did this have to be announced only NINE DAYS into this year? This news is going to be hanging over my head for the next twelve months. How can I enjoy the new generation if I’m constantly counting down the remaining months/singles/concerts Ai has left?

Now, I admit I’m being a bit melodramatic. The year hasn’t been entirely ruined. I still am really interested in seeing the ninth gen. and what they’ll bring to the group. I really am, but the magic, that sense of enthusiasm, has certainly been curbed by quite a bit. I just figured (horribly incorrectly, I might add) that after that last mass graduation we’d be safe for a little while… 😦

Morning Musume 9th Generation Revealed! January 2, 2011

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For the first time since 2007 a new generation of members have been added to Morning Musume. The four member ninth generation consists of Suzuki Kanon, Sayashi Riho, Ikuta Erina, and Fukumura Mizuki.

This is also the first time since the start of Morning Musume that there has been a 12(!!!) year difference in the age of the youngest and oldest members. Ai-chan is literally twice as old as Suzuki Kanon and Sayashi Riho, heck those girls were literally toddlers when the fifth gen joined Momusu! To be honest I am still a little weary about having such young members in the group. Since I became a fan of Morning Musume during their 9-nin era with Koharu I am much more used to having all of the girls being much closer in age, and frankly older. I rather like Morning Musume’s more mature image, and find it hard to believe that Morning Musume now has members that are younger than those that are in Berryz Kobo and C-ute! The Hello! Project Kids groups! The madness!

More seriously though, I am pretty psyched that Sayashi Riho made it into the group. She was by far my favorite during the auditions (you can catch clips of it here and here if you haven’t already seen them). She seems like she already has a fair amount of talent, so I’m really looking forward to what she’ll have in store for us in the future.

I’m also rather pleased to see Ikuta Erina make it as well. She seemed fairly well rounded during the auditions, and I imagine she’ll make a good member. What I am a little surprised about is that Mogi Minami didn’t make it. It’s not that I thought she was so talented that it would be a shame if she didn’t make the cut (like with Riho), but with Tsunku’s seeming fixation with underdogs I thought that if she had somehow managed to come this far there must be something pretty special he sees in her.

I’m also pretty surprised to see a Hello! Pro Egg make it into the group since none were featured on the audition special. I’m glad that some of them are getting something out of their Hello! Project involvement, as I’ve always felt a bit bad about how for most of them their big role is that they get to be back-up dancers in the Hello! Project concerts.

As for Suzuki Kanon? I admit I’m rather indifferent. I certainly don’t dislike the girl, but she didn’t really stand out to me during the audition special. She might grow on me during the following year, though. It’ll be interesting to see.

“Interesting” I think will be the keyword for Morning Musume in 2011. This is a huge shift in the roster, with nearly half the group being not only new, but significantly younger than any of the previous members. That being said, I am massively anticipating their next single. I really want to see how these new members will integrate into the group. Like I said, it should be an interesting year at the very least 😀

Long live 9-nin Morning Musume!

No, seriously. No more graduations, please. At least not for a while, okay?

Out of who remains in Morning Musume, who is your favorite and why? December 24, 2010

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My favorite member would have to be Risa Niigaki.

The thing I really love about Risa is that during all of their live performances you can tell that not only is she going at 110% the entire time, but she’s having the time of her life while doing so. She really is an absolute joy to watch up on stage.

She’s pretty great off stage as well. When I was first getting into Morning Musume I watched her first Alo-Hello! and that’s what really made me stop and say, "Okay, she’s pretty darn awesome." I just really found her scenes in the supermarket to be absolutely adorable, and her encounter with the Argentinian man on the beach is a fantastic example of just how nice a person she really is. She didn’t even skip a beat when he came up to her.

Ask me anything!!

The Twelve Days of Tsunku-mas: The Mopremes December 24, 2010

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On the eleventh day of Tsunku-mas, my true love gave to me the Mopremes:

This performance dates from the December 23, 2003 edition of the Happy Xmas Show, the same program where Aya performed “Kobito ga Santa Claus.”

Hehe, “The Mopremes,” I mean really, how can you not absolutely adore that performance? The girls all look amazing in their retro-style costumes and jewelry, not to mention the sets, which are actually quite impressive in not only their magnitude and variety, but quality as well. Also, props to Mari and Yossi as they actually did a darn good job with their English as well.

This performance is actually a pretty good example of one of the reasons I love idol pop. You could try asking yourself why Morning Musume is pretending to be an an American pop group from the 1960’s to celebrate Christmas, but frankly it doesn’t really matter. It’s fun, and that’s all the justification it needs.

I hope you all have a pleasant Christmas Eve with your loved ones! ^^