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A Post About AWA is Coming Soon… October 17, 2012

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My write-up about seeing Kikka at AWA is coming soon, I swear! I’m still trying to catch up on work, and have just generally been pretty darn tired. Sorry. 😦

To try and hold you over for the next couple of days, take a gander at the LE cover of Kikka’s new cover album Vocalist?

Boy howdy, does she look stunning! This glamour style shot is certainly a departure from her previous covers, but I’m certainly not minding the change!

It seems the album is shaping up quite nicely in a sonic sense as well. Apparently any fears of her voice being entirely auto-tuned into oblivion can be laid to rest. Oh, and as a bit of a spoiler, she also sang that very song at AWA. And it was glorious.


Happy Fourth of July! July 4, 2011

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Q1: What’s more patriotic than Tokky?

A1: Quite a lot of things, actually.

Q2: What’s more patriotic than Tokky in a stars and stripes bikini?

A2: Significantly fewer things!

I hope everybody has a happy fourth! And remember: try not to lose too many fingers this year! They can come in reasonably handy at times.

(Expect to see a report on SCANDAL at AM2 soon!)