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Mano Erina to Graduate From Hello! Project July 22, 2012

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As I’m sure you all know by now, Mano Erina is going to graduate from Hello! Project on February 23rd. You can read translations of the official announcements here.

I must say I’m surprised to see that H!P is letting go of their only soloist. Her career seemed pretty solid as her sales were always decent and she still has her youth. Judging by the official comments it seems she just wants out of the idols business and to take a different turn in her career.

Mano has always been a bit of a sore topic for me as I’ve always felt that I’ve wanted more from her. While I won’t deny that she has grown into an impressive performer over the years, she has yet to really bring the whole package together. Her singing never matured to a point that I’d like to see, and I’ve never felt that she has ever really had a “great” song. Sure, she has had some “good” songs, heck, even a few great PV’s but no singular release that I can point to and go, “Yup, that’s why Manoeri is such a great idol.”

The frustrating thing is that I have no doubt she is capable of it. She already has most of the pieces, I just hope by the time of her graduation she can complete the puzzle. It would be a crying shame otherwise.

In more upbeat news: NEW HEADERS! After more than two years of using the same header, Isilie was kind enough to make some new ones for me. I’ll be rotating them every couple of days so keep a look out for them!


In Which Kikka Doesn’t Understand… August 22, 2011

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Taken from the making of DVD for YOU!, her first photobook.

In completely unrelated news Nights4Blogging has become an official affiliate of HelloStoreUSA!

You might notice a few new banners over there on the right because of this. While I’m sure most of you have already heard of, or even patronized, them before I really can’t recommend them enough. They have truly top notch customer service, shipping that is surprisingly affordable and quick, and prices that you simply can’t beat for new goods. Best of all is that they’re really the only place outside of Japan where your purchases directly go to support your favorite idols. So if you’ve never been there before definitely click on one of the banners and see what you’ve been missing out on all this time (or if you have, still go and check out their latest additions)!

One Year of Blogging! March 31, 2011

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Yesterday, the 30th of March, marked one year of Nights4Blogging!

Honestly, I never really thought I’d ever write such a thing. I made my first post with a bit of a disclaimer that I may abandon this blog at any moment, and that’s because I honestly thought I wouldn’t last more than three months tops. But here I am. Twelve months later. Surprised would almost be an understatement!

I was inspired to start Nights4Blogging after reading the H!P and Jpop fanblogs of others.  I really enjoyed reading them (and still do), but this really wasn’t enough to force me start one on my own.  I actually had three main objectives that I wanted to achieve, and I thought that starting a blog would be a good way to achieve them.

  1. Find Something to do on my Free Time
  2. I had it great a year ago. I had an apartment that was literally a five minute walk from any of my classes. Fridays off. Classes that ended at 10AM every Tuesday and Thursday. It was fantastic, and I had a heck of a lot of free time, so I figured that a blog would be a decent use of that time.

    Unfortunately, I have never since had a schedule or living arrangements quite that convenient, but at least I’ve kept up with the writing. I’d even go so far as to say that I’ve actually been doing a bit better now than I was then. Only three updates in all of May 2010? Yeesh.

  3. Find Someplace to Contain my “Fangasms”
  4. I try not to bring up H!P and Jpop too often with my everyday friends out of the courtesy that they probably don’t care all that much. Or at all, really. So I fangasm here instead.

  5. Try to be More Eloquent About said “Fangasms”
  6. While related to the previous point, I’ve always been rather disappointed in my own ability to describe why something is so fantastic/awesome/transcendently great. While I am reasonably pleased with the progress I have made towards this goal, it is still definitely a work in progress. Even in my last post about Morning Musume’s “Maji Desu ka Ska!” I think I should have been able to be more descriptive.

So enough of that boring stuff and onto some cold hard numbers:

  • 9006 Total Views
  • 83 Posts
  • Busiest Day was October 2nd with 203 Views (Thanks IW!)

And what were the top 5 posts?

  1. AKB48’s Heavy Rotation PV: Is there such a thing as too much fan service? – 1549 Views
  2. A bit more on Takahashi Ai’s graduation – 158 Views
  3. Morning Musume — Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (Close-Up Version) – 156 Views
  4. The Weight of an Idol, Part 1 – 151 Views
  5. New Morning Musume Profile Pics! – 145 Views

Despite the massive skew in the total number of views per post, I actually am pretty happy about those top three posts being the most viewed.  I think they stand as some of the better examples of my writing, and if people were to see that as their first exposure, then hey, that’s alright.  Not too excited about #4 up there, though.  I still am rather unhappy with how that article came out.  Also number 5 was about the “Seishun Collection” costumes, which certainly aren’t new anymore.

How about top five search terms?

  1. akb48 – 269 Hits
  2. tomomi itano – 93 Hits
  3. akb48 heavy rotation – 63 Hits
  4. morning musume – 53 Hits
  5. nights4blogging – 41 Hits

Well, that certainly explains my top viewed post a bit, doesn’t it?

Oh, and so do all of these…

  • akb48 bikini – 36 Hits
  • akb48 naked – 29 Hits
  • akb48 lingerie – 24 Hits
  • akb48 sex – 22 Hits
  • tomomi itano sex – 6 Hits
  • akb48 up skirt – 6 Hits
  • akb48 undressing – 4 Hits
  • akb48 cream fight – 2 Hits

I can’t help but feel that my little blog disappointed most of those people. Those perverted, perverted people. 😀 I do admit I kinda like that last one. No idea what it’s referring to, though.

And then there are the weird search terms:

  • santa claus peeping tom – 2 Hits
  • sudden undress – 2 Hits
  • peeping tom seeing womens – 2 Hits
  • im watching you – 2 Hits
  • thomas berry – 2 Hits
  • 34 – 2 Hits

I know the “peeping tom” queries are for a referral I made about peeping toms in my post on “Heavy Rotation,” but I can’t help but be a little creeped out that MULTIPLE people are searching for “santa claus peeping tom.” Ewwww.

Oh, and then there are those I wouldn’t even think of reposting. Seriously, some are more than a little disgusting.

And on that note I’d like to thank you, my readers. 😀

I jest, but really, thank you guys. I really do appreciate it every time someone posts a comment, and I try to make a conscious effort to respond to every one. It makes writing considerably more enjoyable when I can get some feedback, and I find that a healthy dialog can really help expand a post far beyond what I had originally wrote, one thing I think my “Heavy Rotation” post really does exemplify.

So here’s to year number two!

Happy (Belated) Cake Day IW! March 27, 2011

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I'm not much of a baker, so this will have to do!

On Friday International Wota celebrated their 4th Cake Day! Congratulations! Good luck on your fifth year!

Now, unfortunately Nights4Blogging didn’t win best new blog, but I must say it still was quite the honor just to be nominated. I was up against some pretty stiff competition, and I’d like to give my congratulations to all those that won!

I did manage to win third place in the “I Wonder What Idol Flesh Tastes Like” writing contest though! The rules were to, “in fifty words or less, describe how you would serve a Japanese idol of your choice as a meal and why you chose this specific recipe for this specific idol.” That’s a bit odd of a premise, eh? Now, I have a bad habit of being rather verbose and using what can at best be described as “convoluted” sentence structures, so 50 words was quite the challenge! Here was my entry:

Momoiro Ayaya Peach Pudding:
You’ll want to use only the finest canned peaches, and definitely no cucumbers or cabbages. Add copious pink food coloring and high-fructose corn syrup to taste; a little extra sweetness never hurt anybody.

Classic Ayaya is sweet, pink, and a bit quirky. There’s no finer indulgence.

I made a bit of an obscure reference to a scene from the ♡Momoiro Kataomoi♡ PV, so I made sure to at least reference the song in the name of the dish!

Also, International Wota is running a charity auction for those effected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Several bloggers have donated goods to the event, and all proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. The auctions will take place through eBay, and shipping costs will even be covered in the price. If you’d like to see what’s being auctioned off, you can click on the animated logo there on the right side.