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J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 2013 August 16, 2013

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Hello! Project, Jpop.

Hey everybody, guess who is actually still around? 😉 Yes, the Atlanta write-ups are still coming, just at a pace that would make plate tectonics look like SCCA Can-Am…

A few weeks ago I attended J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 2013 in surprisingly cold and dreary San Fransisco. Instead of having mounds of prose to describe the event here are some pictures:


Here you can see Uozumi Yuki and Miyazawa Marin (along with beat-boxer DAICHI) doing a sound-check on the Peace Plaza stage on the morning of the 27th.


The 27th was overcast the entire day and actually rather cold. Marin doesn’t look to be enjoying the weather too much.


LoVendoЯ’s first event of the day was a Q&A session that unfortunately consisted entirely of predetermined questions. It was still enjoyable, and quite nice to see the girls so up close.

Click past the break to see pictures from the rest of the event, including both of LoVendoЯ’s live performances!


After the LoVendoЯ Q&A they had another Q&A with Hidekazu Ohara the director of music video below and the other PES anime promotional goods.

What do weird cyclops eggplants have to do with LoVendoЯ?
I have no idea.
What do weird cyclops eggplants have to do with Toyota?
I have even less of an idea.
The whole reason that LoVendoЯ was brought out to San Fransciso was as part of a promotion called PEACE ECO SMILE from “TOYOTA x STUDIO4ºC Meets ANA” that revolved around an anime featuring weird cyclops eggplants freaking out about how mindblowing Toyotas are. Some truly trippy stuff.



After the Q&A session the folks over at JPHiP scored an interview with Hidekazu Ohara. You can read it here!

Off on the left hand side you can see Sweety’s Takagi Yurika just kind of sitting there waiting. They had a small live scheduled in the same tent next.


The Sweety live was actually quite good! They too were part of the PEACE ECO SMILE promotion as they were the voice actors in the PES animes and supplied the music for the video below.

True story: They had that video playing on the large screens of their tent on repeat for the majority of the time we were waiting for autographs. Late at night, when it’s very quiet, I can still hear it.


After their live Sweety had an autograph session. Here is the beautiful Hasegawa Yui.


The cute Takagi Yurika. Why didn’t I get a picture of Takenouchi Sayaka? She was the first of the three and I didn’t think of taking their picture until I got to Yui! D’oh!


After the Sweety live at the tent I headed over to the Peace Plaza stage to get ready for the upcoming LoVendoЯ concert. As a result of that I was “lucky” enough to be present to witness what was called was dubbed “J-POP IDOL 2013,” essentially a Jpop singing contest. It was okay. The girl with the red sleaves actually did a decent rendition of Buono!’s Hatsukoi Cider.


This guy was talking about the PEACE ECO SMILE promotion and TOYOTA x STUDIO4ºC Meets ANA. I didn’t pay much attention.

After that guy finished his spiel a punk group called The Akabane Vulgars On Strong Bypass performed. They were actually rather awful, so we won’t discuss them any further.


Sweety performing live again! It was pretty much a repeat of the set list they had just performed about an hour earlier, but it was still fun.



This guy was really intent on finding a prominent spot for that Toyota sign.


“I don’t think…”
“No, no, it’s perfect!”


LoVendoЯ live! Which was predictably quite awesome!



I actually quite like the framing of this one.



This would have been a pretty great photo IF SOMEONE’S HAND HADN’T BEEN IN THE WAY. 😡



The end of the LoVendoЯ concert marked the end of the activities on the 27th. This wouldn’t be the last time to see them live as they would perform again the next day at Union Square!


The first act to perform at Union Square was Kylee!







After Kylee’s last song she was interviewed a bit by a local TV weatherman (he was Japanese, which I guess is why he got the gig), who then did a pretty darn well rehearsed introduction of LoVendoЯ.
















After the end of the LoVendoЯ live Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was scheduled to perform, but instead of staying to watch it I hightailed it back to Japan Town to get in line for the final LoVendoЯ autograph session.


After getting an autograph I stuck around to try to get a few pictures of the girls. Here is Uozumi Yuki really excited to see me take her picture. I can’t blame her.


Reina is totally ready to sign the heck out of some autographs.


Okada Marina sandwiched between a staff member and fan.


Miyazawa Marin acknowledges that I exist.


After the autograph session the girls of LoVendoЯ minus Reina (who was having a bit of trouble with her contacts) were waiting around the back of the event tent when the fans started singing happy birthday to Okada Marina, as her birthday was only four days prior. She really seemed to enjoy it.

So, that concludes my pictorial summary of the J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 2013. Hopefully it is more interesting than the wall of prose, it is certainly easier to create!



1. clocutron - August 16, 2013

Great pics! Looks like the event was a great time. Good to see something on your blog again.

Nights4Saturn - August 22, 2013

Thanks! I’m heading up tomorrow to see Kikka at Japan Expo USA so I’ll hopefully have some pics up from that as well!

2. J-Triumf - September 1, 2013

Oh hey, you updated! It was great hanging out with you and the LA crew for both this and Japan Expo. Great job with the photos as well; the right ones can definitely make for a more interesting story sometimes. I really wish I took more pics of Yuki and made more of an attempt to talk to her.

Honestly, it really wasn’t THAT cold. 😛 Maybe later on in the day when the sun started setting, but yeah, I suppose the weather does take some getting used to.

Nights4Saturn - September 5, 2013

Hey, it was great hanging out with you as well and thanks for the compliments on my photos!

I know in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t that cold, but the temperature change from where I’m from and SF on that day was over 30 degrees so it was a bit of a shock!

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