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Kikkawa You at Anime Weekend Atlanta (Part 1) October 31, 2012

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Preface: This post is taking so long to write that I decided to split it up into three parts: the first two days, the second two days, and my reflections on the event. Sorry for the wait everyone! m(_ _)m

In the weeks and days before I left for Atlanta I was progressively getting more and more excited. I’m a big fan of Kikka, and while I’ve seen and interacted with several other idols beforehand, never were they ones I was already really into. I was a casual fan of Morning Musume and Mano-chan when I saw them in Los Angeles, and I attended AKB48’s concert mostly out of curiosity and convenience. But Kikka? I was already smitten with the girl, and was going in with preconceptions that I was afraid that neither she nor the event would be able to live up to. Boy was I wrong.

It is truly a rare occurance when something comes along that blows away all of your expectations so completely that you are almost left in a complete daze after it ends. Kikkawa You’s visit to Atlanta, Georgia was just one of those events for me.

To be fair I’ve been putting off my write-up about this event for a while now. Sure, part of it is that I’ve been busy desperately trying to get caught back up at work, but mostly I’ve simply been afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do the event justice.

Better late than never, lets get this show on the road!



A Post About AWA is Coming Soon… October 17, 2012

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My write-up about seeing Kikka at AWA is coming soon, I swear! I’m still trying to catch up on work, and have just generally been pretty darn tired. Sorry. 😦

To try and hold you over for the next couple of days, take a gander at the LE cover of Kikka’s new cover album Vocalist?

Boy howdy, does she look stunning! This glamour style shot is certainly a departure from her previous covers, but I’m certainly not minding the change!

It seems the album is shaping up quite nicely in a sonic sense as well. Apparently any fears of her voice being entirely auto-tuned into oblivion can be laid to rest. Oh, and as a bit of a spoiler, she also sang that very song at AWA. And it was glorious.