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Mano Erina to Graduate From Hello! Project July 22, 2012

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As I’m sure you all know by now, Mano Erina is going to graduate from Hello! Project on February 23rd. You can read translations of the official announcements here.

I must say I’m surprised to see that H!P is letting go of their only soloist. Her career seemed pretty solid as her sales were always decent and she still has her youth. Judging by the official comments it seems she just wants out of the idols business and to take a different turn in her career.

Mano has always been a bit of a sore topic for me as I’ve always felt that I’ve wanted more from her. While I won’t deny that she has grown into an impressive performer over the years, she has yet to really bring the whole package together. Her singing never matured to a point that I’d like to see, and I’ve never felt that she has ever really had a “great” song. Sure, she has had some “good” songs, heck, even a few great PV’s but no singular release that I can point to and go, “Yup, that’s why Manoeri is such a great idol.”

The frustrating thing is that I have no doubt she is capable of it. She already has most of the pieces, I just hope by the time of her graduation she can complete the puzzle. It would be a crying shame otherwise.

In more upbeat news: NEW HEADERS! After more than two years of using the same header, Isilie was kind enough to make some new ones for me. I’ll be rotating them every couple of days so keep a look out for them!


Morning Musume’s “One Two Three / The Matenrou Show” Breaks 100,000 Copies Sold! July 10, 2012

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To help but that in perspective, Momusu hasn’t broken 100k total sales for a single since 2004, and One Two Three has only been on sale for a single week!

Holy cow!

To say that this is an impressive feat is almost an understatement. I mean, this thing is even out-selling Golden Age Morning Musume releases! It’s almost sacrilegious. 😀

It’s a great release, as isilwentari does a fantastic job of showing, so I certainly think it’s deserved. One certainly can’t argue that all the new blood that Morning Musume has recently taken on has significantly freshened the group’s image up a bit.

I’d love to see this awesome momentum keep going, but I can’t help but be a little pessimistic. Nanchatte Renai, (Momusu’s 40th Anniversary single, and talk about a change in style!) also had exaggerated sales compared to those that came before and after it. On the bright side though, despite the drop it did signal a slight uptick in single sales afterwards!

Also, not to mention that Morning Musume’s 50th single also marks 50 consecutive top 10 singles, a record in the Japanese music industry!