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PASSPO☆ – Kiss = Suki January 28, 2012

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Jpop, Other Idols.

Today I wanted to talk about a Passpo, a group I’ve never covered here before on Nights4Blogging!

I’ve listened to a few of their songs previously, but I never was all that impressed. Then about mid-December (yeah, I’ve been meaning to make this post for quite a while now… ^^;) I saw the PV for their newest songs “Kiss = Suki,” and I must say I was reasonably impressed.

Everything about the song is just fun. The melody is fun (not to mention how catchy the chorus is), the choreography is fun, and I love the visual presentation!

Passpo’s gimmick, so to speak, is the airline theme. This is pretty obvious in the PV with the cute stewardess uniforms and the airport background. This theme goes far beyond that, though. For example, instead of having a leader and sub-leader they have a “Captain” and “Cheif Purser” (aka: head stewardess), events are referred to as “Flights,” and the multiple versions of their singles are split into Business, First and Economy classes.

It’s a neat idea, and I certainly appreciate the cute uniforms that it entails itself to. I have to say I imagine that it could potentially get a little stale after a while. Still, from what I have seen of them,I can’t complain.

Iwamura Natsumi obviously graduated from the "Michishige School of Trying Way Too Hard to be Cute and Succeeding"

Generally speaking, I couldn’t call these girls quite as talented as maybe some of the other larger idol groups. Their dancing isn’t as tight, and I can’t say I noticed any really strong vocalists in the group. Though, to discount them because of that would be completely unfair. The fact of the matter is that for what they are trying to accomplish, here cute idol pop, they are all competent, and work together perfectly well. The final product here is more than solid in fact. Also, who is to say that they won’t grow in talent in the future? This will definitely be a group I’ll keep an eye on.

Out of the whole group one girl did catch my eye. Negishi Ai (on the far right above) is the Captain of the group, and really quite beautiful.

She also provided the perfect way to end this post 😀



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