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Mobekimasu – Busu ni Narinai Tetsugaku October 20, 2011

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Berryz Kobo, C-ute, Hello! Project, Jpop, Mano Erina, Morning Musume.

Mobekimasu, made up of Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo, C-ute, Mano Erina and S/mileage (aka: pretty much all of Hello! Project), the spiritual successor of the Wonderful Hearts, and a staple of an annual Summer and Winter concert series have finally released their own single entitled Busu ni Narinai Tetsugaku:

The obvious comparison is to H.P. All Stars and 2004’s All for One & One for All!. Now, I’m not one of those guys that believes that everything was better back in the “Golden Age” of Morning Musume and Hello! Project, but in this case I do think I would have to agree.

The song and PV unfortunately fall flat in a few areas. The first, and most glaring of which, is the general tone of the song. What should be an energetic, uplifting celebration of the splendor of Hello! Project is instead a broody and angst ridden hymn about how I apparently know something, except not. I admit that when I first heard the preview of the song I rather disliked it, though I have warmed up to “meh” after listening to it quite a few more times. In style it reminds a bit of Naichau Kamo, and I think it would have worked reasonably well as a Morning Musume song. Having all of Hello! Project come together to sing this just feels like a wasted opportunity.

Sayu Says: No up-skirt for you!

The second issue I have with this release is the lack of scale. There’s no getting around the fact that Hello! Project is simply smaller than what it was back in 2004, but the song seems far too focused on pairs of singers rather than larger groups. The effect of this is that the cast just feels small. What’s the point of having around 30 girls perform at once if it doesn’t convey through?

Still on the issue of scale, I can’t help but find the black background in the PV to be incredibly boring. It’s black. And then there’s some lights. And that’s it. It so plain that it’s boring. I can’t even say anything else to describe my displeasure with it because there literally isn’t anything else about it to complain about.

All is not woe though, as I can still see a few positives in this release. I was really surprised at how much I liked the pairing of Niigaki and Maeda here. Maeda’s higher-pitched voice works really quite well with Niigaki’s lower-pitch. I can’t imagine we’ll see the two of them sing anything together any time again soon (if ever, for that matter), but it was neat to see if even for this once.

I’ve also finally accepted the fact that Sayashi is one of the “promoted” members. Watching her perform with all those other groups you could never tell that she’s one of the newest additions. The girl has the talent to stand in the front, it’s as simple as that.

On a bit of a tangent, did anyone else notice a surprising lack of Mano Erina here? Sure you see her in a few shots but she never gets any solo or paired singing time in the song itself. A little surprising considering she makes up the MA in MobekiMAsu.

So, which do you prefer?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish Niigaki Risa, the new leader of not only Morning Musume, but Hello! Project as a whole, a happy 23rd birthday!

Such mature poise from the leader! =D



1. clocutron - October 20, 2011

Unfortunately, I think this release is fitting – it really embodies the lackluster feel I’m getting from H!P these days. While I did like the latest album releases from Berryz and C-ute, I just haven’t been overly impressed by much coming out of the group as a whole.

Now, I’m not one who’s fixated on the “Golden Age” either – in fact, I wasn’t even a fan yet at the time – but I think H!P is lacking something. Perhaps the whole project is feeling a bit overshadowed by the ridiculous success of AKB48 but that doesn’t mean they should act like it. I just don’t get the feeling anyone is giving it their all anymore – writers, performers, producers, etc. all seem to be suffering a lack of the enthusiasm that made me an H!P fan to start with.

I don’t have any answers or solutions. I just wonder, where is the energy, what happened to the enthusiasm, where’s the draw? If they can answer these questions and find some workable solutions, they have the potential to hit another “Golden Age.” But for now, H!P seems to have hit a slump and is mired in the flat, predictable, and boring spirit that we see in this Mobekimasu release.

Nights4Saturn - October 23, 2011

There is still some great stuff being made. I know you’re not a huge fan of PVs but I still think that Mano’s PV for My Days for You is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Still, I can’t help but agree with you on this trend in general.

You hit it on the head though, when you said this release lacked “enthusiasm.” It’s entirely lazy when there’s absolutely no excuse for it to be. If bringing all the groups together to collaborate on a single song isn’t reason enough to pull out all the stops I don’t know what is.

2. Takoyaki - October 23, 2011

I still didn’t watch the pv for the moment.
Is it Tsunku who wrote the song?
I also read some comments about the lack of presence of ManoEri.
I’m wondering why UFA prefered to release his collaboration between all these groups after Aichan grad and not before.
So Kikkawa is not technically in H!P? (I don’t know very much about Kikkawa except she’s under Universal)

Nights4Saturn - October 23, 2011

I honestly don’t know if this is Tsunku’s work or not, though I would be surprised if it wasn’t.

The release of this after Aichan’s graduation might just have been a timing issue. It releases next to the Berryz/C-ute collaboration but not all that close to any proper solo release. S/mileage won’t release anything until the very end of the year, and I don’t believe Berryz or C-ute will anytime before that, so I imagine this is just to get something on shelves in the meantime. 😀

You’re correct Kikkawa isn’t part of Hello! Project. She used to be when she was an egg, but when she graduated from the eggs she also graduated from Hello! Project. She is still under UFA as her agency, but her record label is Universal.

Takoyaki - October 24, 2011

Thanks for all these precisions about Kikkawa.

Did you read the official announcement about Maeda Yuuka graduation this December 31th?

This is so 😦
I’m speechless right now.

Nights4Saturn - October 25, 2011

Yeah, what a surprise huh? I can’t say I really follow S/mileage, but she was probably my favorite member of that group.

Hopefully she’ll be able to get into a good university like she wants.

3. NyNy - October 25, 2011

I must say I really like the song but of course H!P All Stars is better because at least you got to hear everyone sing even if they were in groups etc. I’m still learning the dance when I have the time!!

Nights4Saturn - October 26, 2011

Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s certainly not a bad song, I just don’t think it was very well suited to having the whole project sing it.

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