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10th Gen! September 29, 2011

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Hello! Project, Jpop, Morning Musume.
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Morning Musume’s tenth generation were just announced today. The four new members include, from left to right, Kudou Haruka(11), Satou Masaki(12), Ishida Ayumi(14) and Iikubo Haruna(16).

Save for Ashida, I must say I’m quite surprised with the picks!

Starting with Kudou, wow is she young! Last audition I was complaining about how young all of the new members were, but even they were older than Kudou. In fact, at eleven years old I think Kuduo might be the youngest Morning Musume member ever. To be perfectly fair though, she really was one of the most talented members during the audition. I have a feeling she’ll be a very impressive member someday.

During the first HelloPro! TIME where the 10th gen auditions were being covered Satou was an early favorite of mine, that is, until she tried singing or dancing. While she might be darn cute, she really was near the very bottom technically. If she can manage to improve in those two exceptionally important areas she should be able to do well for her self.

Ishida was really the only one out of the group that I expected to make the cut. Like Sayashi in the last audition, Ishida was head and shoulders above everyone else technically. ALso like Sayashi, Ishida seems to be an especially proficient dancer. Other than that though, I don’t feel particularly strongly about her.

On a bit of a side note, I’m rather fascinated by Morning Musume’s recent tendency to go for such highly skilled new members, like Sayashi and Ishida, while still also picking complete amateurs like Ikuta and Satou. It seems like they’re building up a lopsided pool of talent. In such a group atmosphere wouldn’t the more talented members be held back by the others? Sure, in concerts and the like you can let individual members have their moment to shine, but that really doesn’t do much to show the population at large how talented some of these girls really are.

Getting back on track, Iikubo was probably my biggest surprise. While she is rather pretty, I was sure her age would have prevented her from joining. While members have joined in the past who were quite a bit older than her, she is still quite a bit older than everyone else who got to the final rounds of the 9th and 10th gen auditions. Add that to the fact that she wasn’t particularly talented at singing or dancing compared to the others, and you can see where my surprise comes from. Still, I’m certainly not upset by this as it’s rather nice to have someone new to the group who has actually finished middle school.

Going forward with a twelve member group after tomorrow, of which eight are pretty darn fresh, Risa and Sayu are going to have their work cut out for them!



1. MTSayuRin - October 1, 2011

It may sound strange, but one of the things that make me like Momusu so much is, only some of the members are talented singers and dancers. It brings variety to the group, and that helps everyone find at least one girl to support. The ones who are not great dancers or singers, they have other kind of appeal: funny or sweet, cute or sexy etc. I can see this not only in 9th and 10th generations. I just watched the gokkies audition, trying to imagine I see them the first time (kinda difficult to pick a favourite, too biased! XD). Those four girls seem the complete opposites of each other, but it worked well in the end, in my opinion.

Nights4Saturn - October 2, 2011

You actually make a really good point. There always has been quite a range in skill levels the girls have had, huh? You brought up the fifth gen, but I think that same dynamic can be seen with the fourth and sixth gens as well. While I wouldn’t say I enjoy the fact that some of girls aren’t all that talented, I do enjoy the variety they bring to the table. If all the girls were great singers, but looked and acted the same it would be pretty boring!

MTSayuRin - October 5, 2011

Yes definitely the 4th and 6th gens too.

2. Takoyaki - October 2, 2011

I’m surprised that you were surprised about the choice of the girls because I read a lot of comments from people saying they weren’t surprised with the members choice and corresponded with their expectations.

The youngest member of 10th gen broke another record, she is even younger than Kago Ai when she joined Morning Musume.

Concerning about the recruitement of girls with more or less talents, this doesn’t determine in a definitive way if they will be good idols or not.
And the concept of Morning Musume is to make bloom talent from ordinary girls into Idols and to see them progressing in term of talent and personnality.
And when a lot of people discovered 5th gen, 6th gen, 7th or 8th gen, a lot of these girls already bloomed but if they would have discovered them the day of their audition, these girls would have probably been on a level more or less similar than 10th gen.
Sure to have natural talent in some area is helpful but this is not the same like to have 8 or 10 years of experience of stages.
So these new girls will need time and same for the fans.
After all, a lot of fans often said “she’ll grown on me”, doesn’t it? 😉

Btw, I’ve just read this is still not determined who will the sub-leader:

Nights4Saturn - October 3, 2011

Well for the ones I didn’t think would make it: I thought one was too young, the other too old, and one lacked talent. They’re not bad picks at all, but just ones I didn’t quite expect. Though to be honest, I have no idea who I would have picked myself from that group! ><

Oh, I don't disagree with you that talent isn't the only factor that makes a great idol. Take Sayumi for instance, not a very good singer or dancer, but a fantastic idol. My observation was simply that Sayashi and Ishida are at a higher level than any other member when they've been brought in the group, whereas the other new recruits (besides the eggs) are raw as they've always been.

I also agree that watching them bloom can be pretty fun too. Take Kamei and Niigaki for instance, who would have thought they would have come so far since they're auditions?

Thanks for pointing out that post about the sub-leader situation. Kind of odd that there won't officially be one. I guess they figured that there was no reason to officially have Sayu "in a higher position" than Reina? Or maybe Risa is just such a fantastic leader she doesn't need one 😀

Takoyaki - October 4, 2011

I read some people commenting there is also the case that UFA might suppress this title for the future.

3. MTSayuRin - October 5, 2011

Whatever the reason is, I think it’s really unfair towards Sayu suddenly not to have a subleader. Even if this has been explained to her with a good reasoning, she must be wondering why. It’s also a bit strange that now we don’t have a clear follower for the leader position.

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