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In Which Kikka Doesn’t Understand… August 22, 2011

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Blog Stuff, Jpop, Kikkawa You.

Taken from the making of DVD for YOU!, her first photobook.

In completely unrelated news Nights4Blogging has become an official affiliate of HelloStoreUSA!

You might notice a few new banners over there on the right because of this. While I’m sure most of you have already heard of, or even patronized, them before I really can’t recommend them enough. They have truly top notch customer service, shipping that is surprisingly affordable and quick, and prices that you simply can’t beat for new goods. Best of all is that they’re really the only place outside of Japan where your purchases directly go to support your favorite idols. So if you’ve never been there before definitely click on one of the banners and see what you’ve been missing out on all this time (or if you have, still go and check out their latest additions)!



1. Takoyaki - September 8, 2011

I don’t get the title of this post lol!

Just wondering, is your affiliation with HSU the same like kiwi-musume with CDJapan?
That’s to say when people buy Jpop goodies by clicking CDJapan links on kiwi-musume’s website, there is a small percentage going to kiwi-musume and will be employed by her to maintain her website.
Or are you doing free advertising for HSU? In this case what’s the benefit for your blog?

I’m really sorry if the phrasing of my question might appear as offensive but I’m asking this because I saw too much advertisement for music retailers from some shaddy Kpop forums saying they need this percentage but never explaining how they would employ this money.

Takoyaki - September 10, 2011

I’m re-reading the formulation of my question and it was really bad. Really sorry if my question sounded offensive.

Nights4Saturn - September 10, 2011

The title has to do with the gif. Kikka is just posing for the camera and then she suddenly becomes confused from something she sees. Thus she doesn’t understand …something lol

It’s okay, it wasn’t offensive. If people click through my HSUSA ads and purchase something from them I get a very small amount of store credit. I like that they’ve made an effort to allow foreign fans to purchase these kinds of goods so I’m glad to support them anyway.

WordPress and all the other services I use with my blog have no monetary costs so paying for this site has never been an issue.

Takoyaki - September 11, 2011

Thanks a lot for this clarification.

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