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Mano Erina -『My Days for You』 August 14, 2011

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Now, when a person normally goes to talk about a new release they generally do it around the time of initial availability of that said release. Personally, I think that’s become rather passé. I mean wouldn’t you really rather read about it two weeks later? Well then it’s your lucky day!

Now, I’ll say first off I’m not quite overly smitten with the song itself. It’s sweet and pleasant, but nothing spectacular. It does fit her voice quite well, though. Mano has this kind of inherent sweetness to her voice and I do think it complements the lyrics and arrangement for this particular song. One one hand I’m a bit impressed by how well they have tailored this release to suit her (though I guess this should be expected as she is a soloist), but on the other I can’t help but be a little disappointed that she isn’t being pushed a bit more by a more challenging song.

What I am rather smitten with is the PV. To put it frankly, it really is quite fantastic. Take a look for yourself:

I’m almost astonished at not only how well directed it is, but also the raw quality of the cinematography. Personally I think it’s probably the best H!P PV I’ve seen this entire year. There aren’t any crazy flashing lights, extras or back-up dancers to distract you. It’s just Mano, her camera and some beautiful scenery.

I'm a complete sucker for bright blue skies.

Throughout the PV there is rather extensive use of tilt-shift style photography to simulate a shallow depth of field. Here it is put to good use to make it seem like Mano is in some sort of small model or diorama. I also rather enjoy the framing of this shot with her sitting on the monkey bars.

I love how the angle here make it look like the apartment building extends on forever.

A soft focus and a slightly exaggerated level of brightness give this shot a very pleasant feeling I would say is reminiscent of Summer's morning

There are quite a few shots of Mano riding on a bus and these too are quite well done. The environment outside of the bus's windows is nearly blindingly bright and gives the interior of the bus a cheerful feeling.

The ending few scenes of the PV contrast with the rest by being shot at sunset. Not too much to say here except that they're quite beautiful.

I know I’ve complimented Mano in the past for having some pretty good PVs but this one truly raises the bar. The thoughtfulness of nearly every shot is rather refreshing when compared to the usual studio dance numbers that are the norm. I can’t help but hope that this sort of style will catch on a bit for the rest of H!P in the near future.



1. Takoyaki - September 8, 2011

You didn’t add the screncaps of ManoEri taking pictures of a old red 4L!!!

I think this PV gives you another feeling compared to the usual PV done because it looks like more a making of a PB that UFA would release (with the scenery, long ballads, outside scenes etc).

I read on a blog that if you read the meaning of the lyrics of “My Days For You” it’s clearly a song full of love to say thank you to the fans/wotas.
Like the lines:

“Thank you for looking out for me all the time
Thank you for supporting me
Please accept my unstoppable love for you”

and also the lines:

“I want to sing to you as loud as I can

I want to gather up my flowers of trust
And pieces of musical notes
And make a love song for you (my song for you)
Thank you for always smiling at me
Thank you for spurring me on
Thank you for being there for me”

(credit of the translation: kiwi-musume)

What do you think?
In the same time it’s her 10th single under a Major label.

By the way, do you have an idea where this PV was recorded?
Because the scenes from 3:27 to 3:39 reminds me the last episodes of Nodame Cantabile when Nodame was back in her hometown while Chiaki was looking for her. (^-^)

To me, the last focus of the PV with the factories was so-so… They should have ended the PV with ManoEri watching the scenery in my opinion.

Nights4Saturn - September 10, 2011

Haha, true I deserve to be admonished on that point! >< The red paint of the car did have a nice contrast to the rather cooler colors that dominated the PV.

A PB making of? Really? I didn't even see any bikinis! 😀 The outside shots do give it a bit of that feeling though, so I can see what you mean.

I had never looked up what the lyrics meant before you mentioned it (something I'm guilty of quite often), and they're quite beautiful. I can certainly see it as something like a thank you to her fans. It's not blatant fan-service though (like Sayumi's It’s You) which is nice.

I can’t say I know where it was filmed. Maybe she mentioned it on her twitter or blog (or making of)?

I agree with you about the last scene. It takes you a bit out of the moment as she’s looking out over a river and then …factories?

Takoyaki - September 11, 2011

Maybe this time the lyrics were more subtle since it wasn’t Tsunku who wrote the lyrics but someone called NOBE (about It’s You, this is Tsunku the writer so no surprise about the straightforwardness lol)

I’ve just checked who wrote the lyrics for ManoEri and I noticed that Tsunku never wrote any lyrics for ManoEri but just only composed some songs for her.
Do you have any idea?
I would think since she’s in H!P, he could also write some songs for her as he did for Aya, Maki, Miki, Natsumi, Yuko or Michiyo.
Same case for Yuu but maybe for her it’s because she’s under Universal? Idk

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