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Meet Ashida Mana August 5, 2011

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Matsuura Aya.

Cute little twerp isn’t she?

She’s actually the youngest person ever to be the lead star in a Japanese drama. She’s also appeared in a handful of feature films and is even starting to appear in CMs. All this while not even being eight years old. The computer I’m typing this entry out on has more years on it than her for gosh sake!

But no, she isn’t just content with that. Not at all; she has her sights set on other goals. Goals such as Matsuura Aya’s MC position on Meringue no Kimochi. Yup…

At the end of this September Matsuura Aya will be losing her job to a seven year old.

A seven year old. I don’t even know what to say to that. It’s like some kind of twisted joke. For the last four years Aya’s MC gig on Meringue no Kimochi has been pretty much her only media exposure. Her stint on Collabo Labo only lasted a year, and her last few music releases had little fanfare. That was really her last foothold in the public’s eye. So really, the question is: what’s next?

Troubling thing is, that’s a darned scary question in this situation. I don’t mean to sound overly pessimistic, but I’m not 100% sure even if there will be anything next at this point. Now I could be (and hopefully am) wrong but there has been painfully little news from her or her management as of late. Even her fanclub has been neglected recently with a stark lack of events to keep her loyal followers engaged.

Who knows, though. Maybe she has another MC gig lined up? Or maybe she’ll revive her singing career and go on another concert tour? Or she could just slide a little further into retirement. Late 2011/early 2012 is definitely going to be a telling time in her career. Look forward I can’t say I’m feeling particularly enthusiastic about the whole thing. 😦

I will say this though: Back when I was seven years old I cerntainly didn’t try to take Matsuura Aya’s job, temporal and geographical issues be darned!



1. isilwentari - August 5, 2011

Hee hee, ‘twerp’! First comment?
I couldn’t believe it when I read it either. Ashida is an insanely cute kid, but can she really host a show?! Do they really need to give her THAT much when she’s already everywhere?? I hope Matsuura continues to sing. I don’t even care if it’s just fanclub events as long as she’s around and doing what she loves to do.

Nights4Saturn - August 7, 2011

I doubt Ashida will really act as a host, but more as a panelist to ask the guests maybe one or two silly questions an episode. Even Aya’s MC/cohost role was pretty limited when compared with Hisamoto’s (the main host).

I couldn’t agree with you more about her continuing to sing. She really is talented, and I’d hate to see her give up on that. Even if she just plays small clubs, that would be okay with me.

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3. clocutron - August 5, 2011

I’ve been worried since the Elder Club graduation that Aya would slowly fade into obscurity. Unfortunately, that seems to be happening and more quickly than I had imagined too.

I really hope she continues her music career but I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. After selling less than 3000 copies of her last album – which admittedly suffered from a distinct lack of promotion but ultimately just wasn’t that good – I don’t see another single in her future, let alone another album.

I had really thought graduating would give her a good chance of pursuing her acting career more since Yo-Yo Girl Cop had been quite successful but alas, she doesn’t appear to be doing much in that department either.

Aya was my first foray into j-pop and will always be my favorite but I think she’s about done except for possible random TV appearances as a color commentator or whatever. It’s sad but I don’t see her standing a chance of ever regaining her former level of popularity.

Nights4Saturn - August 8, 2011

I was actually pretty excited about the Elder Club graduation for her. It was her chance to finally shed the immature Hello! Project image and strike out on her own. Not that that actually happened though…

I truly hope her music career isn’t over, but I can’t argue with you about those sales. Maybe she’ll still be able to do digital releases? It’d at least be something.

She’s done a handful of acting roles, even a few big parts, but none of that ever seemed to stick. Her latest acting effort Sakura to Satsuki was really quite fantastic, though. I would absolutely *LOVE* to see that special fleshed out into a full series just about various adventures those two characters could get into.

I agree with you that she won’t regain her former popularity, and realistically it would be foolish to still hold on to that dream. You might be right about her career (as I fear the same thing essentially), but I still think she has the talent to continue to sing. It would be a shame if she didn’t.

clocutron - August 9, 2011

Yeah, it truly would be a shame if she didn’t continue her music career. I love all of her singles and albums though I do think the last one was pretty weak and not up to her standards.

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