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Preview of Kikkawa You’s Second single “Hapirapi ~Sunrise~” July 17, 2011

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Getting a preview of Kikka’s second single in less than 24 hours? Could I have been any more right about that in my last post? Heck, we don’t get just a preview but also a release date, September 21st (a fantastic early birthday present, I might add). Well, enough gloating (I was plenty wrong about other stuff as well, which I’ll get into below), and take a gander at the promotional spot for Hapirapi ~Sunrise~, Kikkawa You’s second single:

I must must say, it looks promising.

First of all, the PV looks like it’s going to be amazing. For a Summery song it makes sense to shoot it outdoors, and if the footage seen here is any indication it’s going to be spectacularly beautiful. A bit of over-saturation, a conscious use of lens flair, and a bit of a soft focus all combine together to make the whole imagery seem slightly dreamlike. As for Kikka’s fashion and hair, it seems their keeping things simple and feminine like in Kikkake wa You!, a rather wise choice.

Enough about the PV, how about the song itself? I like it, but I’m not blown away by it. It seems sweet and happy, and that’s nice, but I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that it’s not a bit more demanding of her vocally to show off her talents a bit more. But wait! We may still get a more impressive song out of these release because there are going to be three different coupling songs released over FIVE different editions!

★初回限定盤A 【DVD付き:「ハピラピ~Sunrise~」 Music Video】 \1,500(tax in) UPCH-9676
★初回限定盤B 【c/w:「Love you forever」】  \1,000(tax in) UPCH-9677
★初回限定盤C 【c/w:「水色」】  \1,000(tax in) UPCH-9678
★初回限定盤D 【c/w:「Sweetie」】  \1,000(tax in) UPCH-9679
★通常盤 【c/w:「ハピラピ~Sunrise~(REMIX)」】  \1,000(tax in) UPCH-5718

Five editions, holy cow! Come on Universal, why must you take all of my money?

More seriously though, Love you forever and Mizuiro (Version C coupling song, aka light blue) both seem to have the potential to be a bit more powerful songs for her, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In my last post I suggested that her PB and image DVD might have been launched to help promote this single (which still might be slightly valid, as there is obvious cross promotion going on in that commercial), but with an entire month between the release dates I now find this to be slightly less probable. Now, I’m thinking this might be a ploy to simply keep a steady stream of goods coming out to keep interest up. Even though she debuted with her movie, it only came to DVD this month (in three different versions, no less) next month she gets her DVD and PB, and the month after a new single. The very nearly one month pacing might very well be a pattern.

Also, does anyone else now have a strong urge to buy some MDR-CD900STs?



1. sswishbone - July 17, 2011

I have already ordered the PB, DVD and a magazine she’ll be in, as soon as I can I will be pre-ordering all five versions. Regarding the song, live rips exist and it is better live, mainly as her voice less produced and much more punchy. Kikka is one of the few artists I have heard who seems to be even more amazing live. I can’t wait for the official songs ❤

Nights4Saturn - July 18, 2011

Wow, that’s quite a bit of goods! I ended up getting all four versions of her debut, and I imagine I’ll probably get all five versions of this one as well… ><

I just finished listening to the live rips, and your definitely right in that not only is this song better live, but Kikka generally is in general. The first song that I heard of her's was actually the concert rip of Fuyuzora Hanabi, and I still think that it’s far superior to the studio version. You can hear so much more emotion in the live version compared to the studio track.

Also, thanks for commenting sswishbone!

2. Takoyaki - July 18, 2011

My prediction after reading this post: Nights4Saturn will be poor soon!

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