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New Releases Coming From Kikkawa You! July 16, 2011

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That’s right, it’s been recently announced that Kikka will have a simultaneous release of her first photobook and image DVD on the 17th of August.

DVD Cover

Both YOU! (the photobook) and YOU! ~The DVD~ (the umm, DVD) were shot in Okinawa. According to the photobook’s description, apparently there will be quite a few swimsuit pictures. I guess we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of Kikka come August! 😀

Photobook Cover

She’s also announced her second single via her Kikka mail (which by the way, you should totally sign up for if you already haven’t)! Titled Hapirapi ~Sunrise~, a release date has yet to be set, but with any luck we might be able to get a preview of it in the next 24 hours. How is that you may ask? She is scheduled to open the tomorrow’s Hello! Project Summer Concert with this new song! I totally hope we can get some good fan-recordings!

I must say, I am a little surprised at how fast she’s getting a photobook and DVD. I’ve always thought that these image releases were more or less a cheap way to make quick money off an established idol (although I must say it’s not like they aren’t appreciated ;D). True, she is not exactly new to the idol arena, but she will have only a solitary single (and corresponding movie) to her credit by the time these are released. I don’t know, maybe it just seems a little rushed to me?

Thinking more about it, this could possibly be a very good sign of things to come. While the release date for her next single has yet to be actually announced, it most likely will be some time near 8/17, thus roughly corresponding with her DVD and photobook. Remember, her first single launched along side a movie. Maybe her management is trying to pair all of her musical releases with some other kind of auxiliary content in order to drive interest? Certainly a neat thought.

Either way though, hopefully this DVD will be more than just a photobook making-of with 10 minutes of interview time edited in. It should be the other way around! A DVD full of activities and interviews with 10 minutes of photobook making-of edited in! Seriously, the recent image DVD’s from Hello! Project have all been a pretty big disappointment 😦 Maybe since Kikka is under Universal as a label, a different staff will be in charge? One can only hope.



1. Takoyaki - July 16, 2011

Maybe UFA doesn’t have a lot of choices concerning the soloist girls (don’t count on Aya to release something lol).
In addition, this is probably better for them to bring some variey/freshness with the girls they promote and not only to promote one girl because on the other side the rival agencies (of male Idols and female Idols) in general keep promoting and releasing products concerning their Idols .
And maybe it’s better to release something while there is still media focus/spotligh after a single promotion.

Concerning about Kikkawa’s PB, the originality of the content will not only depend of the management but also the photograph who will play a big role. If the photograph usually does classic shoots or prefer classic concepts in term of image, this PB might be like that.
Although, it would be cool to see Kikkawa doing unusual activities for Japanese Idols compared to what we usually can see, like fishing, climbing or hunting for example (however, on a side note, Korean Idols do more unusual activities compared to Japanese idols as to bring some help to people in need or to hunt wild boar, etc).

Nights4Saturn - July 16, 2011

You bring up a good point about the quality of the photobook. While I don’t imagine we’ll see much different than the standard formula, I can’t particularly say I’ve been all that impressed with many of the recent ones. Aya’s Ma!Chura and a I think still stand as some of the best I’ve ever seen (not that there haven’t been other good ones, Fujimoto’s Cheri comes to mind as well.

I can’t imagine Kikka’s management letting her hunt or go climbing, simply too rough and dangerous. Fishing could be fun, though. They could bring in an instructor and try to teach her to fly fish and we could watch her try to get it down.

Takoyaki - July 16, 2011

Kamei Eri’s PB called “Sweet” was done in beautiful landscapes (you even think at the end that you must protect these landscapes from pollution lol) and I think the photograph did an interesting job with the way of he tried to take the pictures (even if Eri’s outfit was a bit surprising).

Definitely, different activities like fishing or football for example would bring freshness in a PB in general.

Nights4Saturn - July 16, 2011

To be honest, I actually haven’t looked through that PB. I’ll definitely have to give it a peek now!

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