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Morning Musume 10th Generation Auditions May 8, 2011

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Hello! Project, Jpop, Morning Musume.

Gosh, that was fast wasn’t it?

Just announced last night, aspiring Musumes have until June 13th to get their applications in. If this audition takes about as long as the 9th gen one did we might even be able to see the next generation as soon as the Fall concert tour.

I have to admit I’m a little torn about this.

On one hand, it’s exciting to watch the audition process and to speculate on who will get into the group. The excitement of the unknown, really. Also, on the positive side is that all the members added in the ninth gen seem really solid, which is a positive sign for this audition.

On the negative side is the inevitable side-effect that Morning Musume will become even younger. The allowed age range of the audition is 10-17, but I would speculate that the new additions would most likely be about the same age as the 9th gen (about 12-14). To me it almost feels like Up-Front is trying to lower the age of Morning Musume to make up for the fact that both Berryz and C-ute are now in their late teens.

Of course, I admit for a company like Up-Front it makes perfect sense that they would want their new idols to be younger rather than older; it simply allows them to stay around longer, and thus generate more revenue. Still, I’m not a huge fan of such young idols so this has never really appealed to me personally.

I will make a wild prediction for this audition, though. I bet you that the Hello! Project Korean audition winner Jang Dayeon will make it into the 10th generation. A Korean girl that can speak pretty decent English would certainly help the group in their international appeal. Additionally, she’s obviously being groomed for some position, as she still pops up from time to time. I can’t see her going solo, nor being placed in a brand new group, and since Morning Musume is the only group that takes in new members it seems pretty reasonable.

So what do you guys think? Am I completely off my rocker, or do you have some crazy predictions of your own?



1. MTSayuRin - May 9, 2011

I don’t have any crazy predictions myself, but I really like the idea of Jang Dayeon in Momusu, so I hope you’re right! I can’t say I know much about her but my first impressions of her have been good, and it’d definitely be interesting to see a Korean girl in the group.

Nights4Saturn - May 12, 2011

Haha, I really don’t know much about her either, it’s just that MM seems like the only place for her really. She is pretty darn cute, though!

I imagine Risa might get a kick out of having a Korean girl in the group 😀

2. MTSayuRin - May 13, 2011

Yeah I thought of Risa too! She could speak Korean with her. 🙂

IMPORTANT! To you and everyone else who also reads my blog. I have changed my blog address to match my screen name. The new address is http://mtsayurin.wordpress.com so please update your blogroll. Sorry for the trouble. I was stupid enough not to make a blog post about it in advance so I have to tell people individually. ><

Nights4Saturn - May 14, 2011

Thanks for the heads up; blogroll has been updated!

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