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H!P on Hold March 19, 2011

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Hello! Project, Jpop.

Due to the effects of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami many of the H!P events scheduled for the latter part of this March and early April have been postponed or outright cancelled. This includes virtually all radio and television appearances, and even concerts, albums and singles.  Although, in a sign of steadfastness, it appears that Berryz Kobo’s newest album 7 Berryz Times will keep its original release date of March 30th. Hello!SayuNii has compiled a list of all such changes.

While I certainly understand (and actually agree with) these delays and cancellations I can’t help but think how hard it must be on the girls themselves, especially for the Ninth Generation and Kikka. These girls were set to actually have their debuts during this time, and unfortunately luck wasn’t with them. Hopefully once things start to stabilize and a return to normalcy can ensue these girls will get their debuts to an audience looking for something cheerful to put a smile on their faces, a task I’m sure they’ll be able to accomplish.

In a bit of brighter news, Tsunku’s third child was just born on the 16th. Even though the baby girl was born two weeks early she seems to be in excellent health. Congratulations!



1. clocutron - March 19, 2011

Yeah, I can only imagine how hard this is on everyone in Japan. I’m sure everyone wants things to get back to normal but it’ll be a long time before they’re really able to do that. In a way, I’m glad that things are being postponed, especially the new girls’ debuts. I think they would be a bit overshadowed by more pressing concerns and wouldn’t get the attention they deserve.

Unfortunately, it seems as though much of American media is reporting very little on the search/rescue and clean-up efforts and focusing solely on the nuclear threat surrounding the Fukushima plant. Although I think that’s an important part of everything happening in Japan, I’m quite disappointed at the slim coverage of other aspects of the disaster.

I have, however, found better coverage online through sources such as the BBC – the Brits have always been more globally aware than Americans and have managed to maintain a less biased level of journalism as well.

Nights4Saturn - March 22, 2011

True. I think the local news stations are particularly guilty of this. Though, CNN seems to be doing a bit better.

Seriously though, if I hear one more report on if the same calamity can hit San Onofre (our local nuclear plant) I think I might just drain their coolant myself… ><

I have to agree with you about the BBC. Their coverage has been significantly better. It really is sad that the American media has pretty much given up reporting on the clean-up. I don't think I've heard anything about it in the last two days.

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