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Some Miscellaneous Ramblings February 12, 2011

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Hello! Project, Jpop, Mano Erina, Niigaki Risa, Takahashi Ai.
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Wah! This week is almost over and I haven’t made a post yet!

I’ve been pretty pressed on time lately from midterms and my senior design project so I never got around to writing one up this week. Sorry about that! So, to make due I’ll just ramble on about a few incoherent and unimportant issues.

Ai-chan has Cut Her Hair

…to look exactly like Eri’s!

While I really loved her long hair, I actually don’t mind this at all. I think the look suits her pretty well, which is completely unlike the catastrophe that was when Risa cut her’s short.

Seriously though, that’s quite the coincidence that she gets it cut in the same style and color that Eri had been wearing for so long…

I’ve Recently Really Been Getting into Moritaka Chisato

It’s true. She has some really good music.

While I’ve only gotten through about half of them, I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve heard. My favorite track so far has been “Guitar” from Rock Alive, which unsurprisingly has some fantastic guitar work in it. Actually, that’s one of the things that really stands out in nearly all of her music: the quality of the instrumentals. Top notch stuff.

I Missed Junjun’s Birthday

Her 23rd birthday was yesterday, Friday the 11th. Happy birthday Junjun!

A Picture of Manoeri

So soft...
While not a terribly recent pic, I’ve always really liked it and have been looking for an excuse to share it. The best word I can use to describe it is just soft. So very, very soft.

Looking at it makes me really want to give her a hug. Which totally isn’t weird. Not. At. All. ><

Next week while be quite a bit lighter for me so I’ll try to make up for it with two posts. You could possibly expect to see a new “The Other Side of Aya,” and a new “Idol Retrospective.” Who knows? 😀



1. Paranoia675 - February 13, 2011

Good to see you back and writing again 😀

I too really like the Manoeri picture. It’s cute and seductive at the same time.

Write more soon!

2. jltos - February 14, 2011

Incoherent posts are nice too. ^^

I don’t mind Aichan cutting her hair either, but I’d like it better if she styled it differently. I’m not a fan of messy hair.

Moritaka is the one who originally sang Watarasebashi, isn’t she?

The soft pic = ♥

3. Nights4Saturn - February 15, 2011

@Paranoia675: In time, in time =]

@Hehe, thanks!

Normally, I would agree with you about the messy hair (such as with Risa’s in Seishun Collection), but I think I just like that one pic too much. ><

Good job! You're absolutely right that Moritaka was the one who originally sang Watarasebashi, but did you know that she also wrote the lyrics and played the piano, drums and recorder in the original version? I find her really fascinating in that even though she was an idol, she still played a huge part in shaping her own music.

jltos - February 15, 2011

No I didn’t know that, interesting! Actually I don’t know anything about her, I just remember names well.

4. Takoyaki - July 18, 2011

I’m sure unconsciously you’re a Kameist even if you didn’t realize it for the moment since you see Eri everywhere lol.

On Diet posted this once:

Nights4Saturn - July 18, 2011

Oh gosh, now I’m going to see Kame every time I look at Ai-chan now!

Takoyaki - July 19, 2011

Yes! It’s a good sign! You’re starting to be a Kameist! \(^ー^)/

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