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How You Can Show Your Support for Kikkawa You February 22, 2011

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As Kikka has yet to officially debut, the best thing we can do to support her would be to join the official “Kikkawa You Support Project.” Since it only takes a few minutes and costs nothing to sign up I think all fans should join!

Ahh, the only problem is that the registration process is entirely in Japanese and a little hard to follow. No problem, though! Just follow the handy guide below!

Image and Instructions are courtesy of H!O’s NaoCAN.Do・∀・it:

  1. The first step is to send off an email so that you can receive a registration link. Format your email as follows:
    • To: kikkawa_resp@kikkawa-you.jp
    • Subject: [You can leave this blank]
    • Body: このまま送信ください。
  2. You should very shortly receive an email back. It will contain a single link, click it, and you will be taken to your registration page. It will look like this:

  3. For Sex, male is on the left, and female is on the right. The locations are all cities in Japan, so you can choose whichever one you wish. I chose Tokyo, but it doesn’t really matter. Your ID should just be your email address. Once you are done, simply hit the “確認” button to be taken to the next page.

  4. You should now be at a confirmation screen. Click the top “登録” button to confirm that this information is correct, or the lower button to make a correction.
  5. Congratulations! You’re done!

So, what do you get for all your hard work? Well besides the satisfaction of supporting a promising idol on her road to a major debut, you get access to her fan site, and will receive her email updates. The fan site itself isn’t too exciting as it is entirely in Japanese and made for use on their cellphones, which means the site is very narrow and looks rather odd on a PC. The email updates are a far more interesting benefit, though. These emails are essentially Kikka’s blog, and she’ll send you news, updates on her day, and all the other things you would expect to see on an idol’s blog. This of course includes cute pictures!

C'mon, who wouldn't want to see that in their email inbox?

Everyone please show your support for Kikka by signing up!


The Other Side of Aya: Enkyori no Renai (遠距離の恋愛) February 20, 2011

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Today, I wanted to take a look at “Enkyori no Renai” the coupling track of “♥Momoiro Kataomoi♥,” Aya’s best selling single, released on the 2nd of February 2002:

Romaji Lyrics:

koibito ni narenai mama ne
kono mama nara kitto muri ne
hontou no koto iwanai ienai
hikkoshi suru mitai watashi

hanarete shimattara
sugu ni aenaku naru
hanarete shimattara
chikai ko ga ii desho?

anata wa
nanni mo shiranakute ii
watashi ni furareta dake na no yo
nanni mo shiranai hou ga ii wa…

sore na no ni denwa shitai
ima ijou ni suki ni naru wa

waza to tsumetai kotoba
tsukatteru no ni anata
yasashiku shite kureru
yasashiku shite kureru

futari wa
doushite deatta no yo
motto iroiro shiritakatta
doushite deatta no yo doushite…


futari wa
doushite deatta no yo
motto iroiro shiritakatta
doushite deatta no yo doushite…

Translated Lyrics:

Looks like we can’t hook up
Surely it’s impossible now
I won’t tell you the truth; I can’t
It looks like I’m moving

If I go far away
I won’t be able to see you soon
If I go far away
You’d prefer a closer girl, right?

Don’t need to know anything
Just that we’ve broken up
It’s better that you don’t know anything

Even so, I want to call you
I love you even more now

I talk to you coldly on purpose
But you
You’re so nice to me
You’re so nice to me

The two of us
Why did we meet?
I wanted to know more about you
Why did we meet, why…


The two of us
Why did we meet?
I wanted to know more about you
Why did we meet, why…

Romaji and translated lyrics from ProjectHello

Out of all of Aya’s B-sides I’ve covered so far, this one is easily my favorite. It has a very “cool” air to it, certainly contrasting starkly to “♥Momoiro Kataomoi♥.” I especially love the part where she starts to hum. It’s simple, but I think it just adds so much to the song in terms of atmosphere.

I would actually really like to see Aya take another stab at performing this song today. It’s far more mature than many of her other earlier works, and I think it would certainly benefit from the greater control that she has gained over her voice in the years since her debut. That isn’t to say that she doesn’t sound good here, in fact quite the opposite, especially considering that she was fifteen when this song was recorded!

Getting Excited About You February 17, 2011

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To be honest, until a couple of days ago I would have said that I had never even heard of her.

Kikkawa You is currently poised to be Hello! Project’s next big soloist and is set to debut on March 30th with “Kikkake wa YOU!” which translates as “The Opportunity Thanks to You” (a pun on her name).

While she hasn’t even debuted as a soloist yet, she certainly isn’t new to Hello! Project. She was actually a finalist in the Morning Musume 8th Gen auditions, and even though that didn’t pan out she still became a Hello! Pro Egg. There she participated in the anime unit MilkyWay with Koharu, and even was one of Manoeri’s back-up dancers in “Genkimono de Ikou!”

Here’s a quick video about her Valentine’s Day event, where we get a nice preview of her debut single, and a look at one of her “special talents.”

There isn’t much need to watch after the 1:10 mark as it is just the show’s hosts talking about the chocolates that she gave away during the event.

Wow. She’s, umm, flexible, isn’t she?

More seriously though, I have to say I’m really excited for her debut. Like really, really excited. She really seems to be the whole package. She’s got the looks, the pipes, and the personality.

In terms of looks, frankly, she’s quite gorgeous. She has a truly fantastic smile, the kind that can’t help but be infectious. I also really like her style so far: it’s simple, cute, and very feminine. And on top of all that, she’s not twelve, so I don’t have to feel kinda awkward about her. I’m looking at you 9th Gen Momusu. Err… not looking at you. ><

In the pipes department, she’s also quite impressive. In the video I embedded above you can hear a bit of her debut single “Kikkake wa YOU!” and it’s certainly a nice little upbeat tune, but I’d like to direct your attention to a live preview of “Fuyuzora Hanabi” (Winter Sky Fireworks), the B-side of the Limited Edition C of her debut:

Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor. Holy cow, she’s amazing. I dare say, she might even have the best vocals I’ve heard from Hello! Project since Matsuura Aya left. Heck, I think she might just be able to give Ai-chan a run for her money, though I admit that it’s probably a little too early to be saying such things! ^^;

On the personality side of things I admit I haven’t seen a whole lot to go on as of yet. She certainly looks very sweet, and I like how she seems to refuse to give that fan his hand back in the video clip, but I can’t imagine she’d be anything but outgoing in her pre-debut promo event. I do find one thing pretty interesting though, according to ikujinashi over at JPM, she told the audience at that event that she’d like to see them cosplay her outfit for “Kikkake wa You,” and asked, “Girls too, please do it. Guys too.” Now, I can’t quite decide if that’s awesome just because she’s got a little bit of crazy in her, or that she demands her wota to make the ultimate sacrifice: their self-dignity. Okay, it’s probably a bit of both! 😀

Just to give you guys an idea of how excited I actually am about her debut, this is the first time I’ve ever seriously considered buying all the versions of a release. Yeah, it’s that bad!

Some Miscellaneous Ramblings February 12, 2011

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Wah! This week is almost over and I haven’t made a post yet!

I’ve been pretty pressed on time lately from midterms and my senior design project so I never got around to writing one up this week. Sorry about that! So, to make due I’ll just ramble on about a few incoherent and unimportant issues.

Ai-chan has Cut Her Hair

…to look exactly like Eri’s!

While I really loved her long hair, I actually don’t mind this at all. I think the look suits her pretty well, which is completely unlike the catastrophe that was when Risa cut her’s short.

Seriously though, that’s quite the coincidence that she gets it cut in the same style and color that Eri had been wearing for so long…

I’ve Recently Really Been Getting into Moritaka Chisato

It’s true. She has some really good music.

While I’ve only gotten through about half of them, I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve heard. My favorite track so far has been “Guitar” from Rock Alive, which unsurprisingly has some fantastic guitar work in it. Actually, that’s one of the things that really stands out in nearly all of her music: the quality of the instrumentals. Top notch stuff.

I Missed Junjun’s Birthday

Her 23rd birthday was yesterday, Friday the 11th. Happy birthday Junjun!

A Picture of Manoeri

So soft...
While not a terribly recent pic, I’ve always really liked it and have been looking for an excuse to share it. The best word I can use to describe it is just soft. So very, very soft.

Looking at it makes me really want to give her a hug. Which totally isn’t weird. Not. At. All. ><

Next week while be quite a bit lighter for me so I’ll try to make up for it with two posts. You could possibly expect to see a new “The Other Side of Aya,” and a new “Idol Retrospective.” Who knows? 😀

Ai-chan is in LA! February 1, 2011

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How awesome is that?

Now, I certainly didn’t look up the location of every “The Body Shop” in the Los Angeles area and compare their storefronts to come to the conclusion that she was in the Beverly Center. I didn’t note that not only do the storefronts match, but so do the floor tile pattern, and the presence of the “Scene” store directly adjacent to it. I totally didn’t do that.

131 North La Cienega Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048, sixth floor near Macy’s.

What? Don’t judge me! ><

Ai is actually scheduled to have a new photobook come out this March 28, and a new solo DVD on April 20th. Is she shooting these in LA? No clue, but it would be really cool if she did. It would be pretty neat to actually recognize some of the locations she visited in a photobook. Of course I can't see a Los Angeles photobook seeming very "exotic," but I imagine the residents of Hawaii and Guam might share similar feelings!

She was a mere 25.9 miles away from me. So close, yet so far… 😉

Update: Ahh, it appears that her trip was for recreation and she wasn’t shooting her PB/solo DVD. Still, good for her. Glad she gets some time to herself to relax! ^^