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Mano Erina – Seishun no Serenade January 20, 2011

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On the 26th of this month Manoeri will be releasing her 9th single! Luckily for us the official PV err, MV is already available on Youtube! Check it out!

Save for one part, I really like this song and PV. Mano seems to be on a roll with getting a bit nicer PV’s compared to the rest of the H!P groups. While this one might not be as creative as “Genkimono de Ikō!” it is still quite pleasant (although, I must say I found the lack of spandex-clad middle-aged men being struck with whips to be a glaring omission). The school backdrop is interesting enough to look at and fits well into the “seishun” part of the title. Also, see if you guys can spot the vintage Momusu posters scattered throughout the set!

I really like her costume as well, as it is an interesting mishmash of styles. On one hand you have a copious amount of zippers and steel-lined belt holes which combined with the cut of the jacket conspire to give it a very strong or tough appearance. In contrast to this you have the very bright candy-apple red fabric, along with the soft hood and puff balls hanging from her belt moving it back towards “cute.” Combined, I think those elements work well together but I think it might have been a little better suited for a slightly more aggressive song.

I have to say though, I did find the costume to be slightly reminiscent of another famous one…

Mano Jackson

I know they aren’t that close, but I couldn’t shake that comparison from my head after watching the PV! I’m pretty sure it’s just from the diagonal black stripes and zippers, but still! Mano Jackson? ><

So, what was that one part I’m not so keen about? Well, it starts at the 3:09 mark, but trust me, I doubt you missed it. I don’t even know what to call it. Besides weird, that is. Personally, I think it almost ruins the song. You have a very pleasant, happy little diddy, and then that thing thrown in the middle. I could see something like that working significantly better in a song like her previous single Genkimono de Ikou!, but not here. It just doesn’t fit.


Hey, on the bright side of things it did make for a fantastic gif! 😀



1. dreamtiny - January 20, 2011

Haha the bridge. It’s nice and energetic and will be a great concert song, but that bridge just throws the song off. Did you notice that the original PV preview cut off shortly before that part?

We’ve had Mario Erina before… we can have Mano Jackson too XD

and someone told me that she could be pretending to throw a Pokeball in this part, so… Erina the Pokemon trainer?

2. dreamtiny - January 20, 2011

Hm wordpress didn’t let me embed the images o.O

here are the two pictures:

3. jltos - January 22, 2011

I love both the song and the PV! I haven’t preordered a copy yet though. The PV fits the song well, but I agree with you about the costume. I think something more feminine would have fitted this song better… something feminine but genki. I’m okay with the wahahaha part, but I’m weird like that, I’m (almost) always okay with random stuff thrown in songs. XD

I was thinking of blogging about this single too but I’ve been really busy lately so I think I will start that kind of blog entries with Momusu’s next single.

4. Nights4Saturn - January 23, 2011

@dreamtiny: I did notice that from the preview. I was kind of surprised they revealed so much of the song that early in the first place. I wonder if they deliberately decided not to show that part?

I love that throwing gif! Poké-Mano? XD

@jltos: I can’t help but think a simple blazer uniform would have made a fantastic costume for this PV. It would have worked really well with the school background and still be quite feminine and upbeat.

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