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Out of who remains in Morning Musume, who is your favorite and why? December 24, 2010

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My favorite member would have to be Risa Niigaki.

The thing I really love about Risa is that during all of their live performances you can tell that not only is she going at 110% the entire time, but she’s having the time of her life while doing so. She really is an absolute joy to watch up on stage.

She’s pretty great off stage as well. When I was first getting into Morning Musume I watched her first Alo-Hello! and that’s what really made me stop and say, "Okay, she’s pretty darn awesome." I just really found her scenes in the supermarket to be absolutely adorable, and her encounter with the Argentinian man on the beach is a fantastic example of just how nice a person she really is. She didn’t even skip a beat when he came up to her.

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1. clocutron - December 24, 2010

I would rate the five remaining members Reina, Ai, Risa, Sayumi, Aika. This is, of course, just my opinion and a lot of people might disagree with me.

Reina has been my favorite since I became a fan of Momusu. Although I’d admit that Ai-chan has a better voice, I still love the way Reina sings. I also love her Yanki style and I believe she’s quite the stage presence when performing live. Add to that the fact that I think she’s the most physically attractive member of the group and she has a great personality (at least from the videos I’ve watched) and she’s definitely my favorite.

Ai-chan pulls a close second place for me – she’s a fantastic singer, dancer, live performer, and a very beautiful young woman with a nice personality. I think she should get a solo career though to be honest – I’d be okay if Tsunku moved her out of Momusu and gave her a solo release.

Risa is an all-around great idol and an important part of the current Momosu line-up. Sayumi is okay but seems kind of bratty in some H!P shows I’ve seen. However, I think she has a really cute voice that adds a lot to the group sound. I really don’t like Aika much. I find her voice to be boring or even irritating at times. To me, she also seems strange and I don’t find her to be attractive at all. I know she has a pretty large fanbase but I’m not one of them. Honestly, I’d rather have Koharu, Eri, Junjun, or Linlin still in the group and wish Tsunku would’ve graduated her instead.

2. Mina - December 24, 2010

My favorite is Sayumi because I find that she is the most entertaining and nothing about her has bugged me.

3. Nights4Saturn - December 27, 2010

@clocutron: That’s a pretty agreeable ranking, certainly nothing too horrific… 😉

I agree with almost all of your points about Reina (save for her being the most physically attractive, for me that nod has to go to Ai-chan), but she’s never really “captivated” me. I really don’t know how to describe beyond that. I still really like her, and think she’s a great idol, but for me she just doesn’t have that quality that pulls out my inner “wota” (lame way to put it) like some of the other girls do. That being said, I do think she has a really fun personality. I had a hoot watching her interact with the other girls in DVD Magazine Volume 23.

Ai-chan is a close second for me as well, for pretty much the exact same reasons you described. Honestly, out of all the girls currently in Morning Musume I think she would be the only one capable of actually being a soloist.

I like Sayu well enough, and I think she is quite attractive, but she also fails to really captivate me.

I also agree with you about Aika. Frankly, she’s the only girl in Morning Musume I don’t like. To me she just doesn’t seem to fit. I don’t find her personality appealing, her voice appealing, nor do I find her physically appealing. I personally don’t think she adds much to the group, and I too would much rather have any of those four girls in her stead.

So, my ranking would be Risa, Ai, Reina, Sayu, Aika

@Mina: Sayu’s always having to be the cutest has never bugged you? Personally, sometimes it’s a little much for me, but she honestly does have the goods to back it up. She really IS cute.

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