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The Twelve Days of Tsunku-mas: Santaga Machini Yakkekuru (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) December 21, 2010

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On the eighth day of Tsunku-mas, my true love gave to me Santaga Machini Yakkekuru by Yasuda Kei, Rinne, Ayaka, and Matsuura Aya:

(Sorry about that font, it was a pain trying to find a color that contrasted with everything on that picture, and in the end I kind of gave up… ><)

Wow, talk about some classic H!P groups being represented here! We have Kemeko from the "Golden-Age" Morning Musume, Rinne from Country Musume (I seriously had to look her up, apparently she graduated in '02), Ayaka from Coconuts Musume, and of course the soloist Ayaya. Hello! Project used to be a pretty crazy place back in the early 2000's!

I really like how all the girls' voices sound in this one. They're all on the softer side, and I think they work well together. It would have been neat maybe if there had been some more collaboration between them. Of course since this is nine years later, there isn't much chance of that happening now!



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