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Morning Musume — Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (Close-Up Version) November 19, 2010

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So just two days ago Morning Musume released their 44th single “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game,” and if you happened to read my preview post from two weeks ago you’ll know I’m a pretty big fan of the song itself and the regular PV.

Strangely enough, I also really like the close-up version of the PV.

I say strangely because normally this version of the PV doesn’t appeal to me that much. Usually the close-up version is made just with cuts of the girls standing a fixed distance away from a static camera. And that’s it. Surprisingly (thankfully?) this isn’t the case with “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”, as we are treated to a completely different experience. Varying camera angles, non-static frames, the girls aren’t stationary, frankly it’s just an all around much more dynamic production.

I really do want to applaud the change in direction for this single, but instead of just droning on and on about how much better this one is than previous close-ups, I figured I would supply you guys with a few concrete examples on what makes this version of the PV so great in particular:

Reina Looks Great

Now, this single, like many previous Morning Musume singles, is pretty heavily Ai-Reina biased, but I really don’t mind that too much here considering how well those two girls work it in this PV (that is despite the fact that I would have liked to see the graduating members get a bit more fanservice =\). Back in June when I looked at the solo versions of “Seishun Collection,” I lambasted Reina a bit on the heavy silver eyeliner underneath her eyes, but I must say it looks pretty fantastic here. While I’m still not a huge fan of the dresses used in this PV, the light blue of her dress and the eyeliner is a very nice combination.

An interesting thing I noticed about Reina when I was trying to get a decent screen cap of her was that she seems to really flex her jaw muscles quite a bit when singing (or most likely lip-syncing here, but close enough). It actually made capping her a bit difficult since most frames I tried had her face look slightly misshapen because of that! 😀

Ai’s Ponytail Rocks

Look at that thing go. You want a point to draw your visual interest? Well, you honestly can’t do much better than that!

It might just be my prejudice after seeing the dance shot versions, but man, do I love to see her fling that thing around. It has “attitude” written all over it, and frankly its not like she even needs help pulling that off here. The ponytail just puts it over the top.

Speaking of the dance shots, I’ll probably make another post sometime just to post some gifs of her from that. She really is that amazing in those.

Risa Absolutely Owns Her Camera Time

Risa, bless her, gets one big solo line to herself in the second half of the song, and she totally owns that scene. It reminds me a bit of her solo in Nanchatte Renai, which she easily made the best part of that PV. Not that I would be biased or anything.

The thing I really love about these two gifs is how amazingly expressive she can be with her face, and especially her eyes. Without any sound, and just watching her lips move, I can clearly hear her saying “–sareru mo” in my mind. Enough to give me chills. 🙂


These girls (and Tsunku, and all of their other staff) work hard to create this content for us. If you guys enjoyed this single or its PV please consider purchasing a copy to show your support and to reward their hard work.

If you guys particularly liked the Close-up version of the PV I showcased here you can get your own copy from the Jacket/Type B version!



1. isilwentari - November 22, 2010

You are so right here. I don’t care for Reina at all, but I see what you mean about her eyes. This is a really interesting version. I feel the same about close-ups so I don’t usually look. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention and in general for talking about this single at all. I feel like not enough bloggers (or at least out of the blogs I frequent) even care about Momusu anymore. Mame PWNS! The gifs are awesome.

Nights4Saturn - November 23, 2010

I really do love this single, so writing about it is quite a joy.

I know what you mean about people writing off Morning Musume a bit recently. It might be just because I’m a bit new compared to others in my fandom of them, but to me their current material is easily of the same caliber as anything they’ve done in the past (I know many, many people will disagree with that). I also still legitimately prefer their musical styling and outward presentation compared to the other big idol groups.

Oh, and your darned right Mame pwns! 😀

2. Making a Fuss about ‘Lullaby Game « - November 27, 2010

[…] The tunnel shots they used for the close-ups pwn. Once again, it’s the contrast between their colours, the shine off the plastic (or is it leather?) and the complete blackness. Finally, we have something interesting for the close-up version! I am not usually a fan of those. Standing in front of a green screen, barely moving and waiting till one’s line comes up? Awkward! But, as Nights4Blogging pointed out, “Varying camera angles, non-static frames, the girls aren’t stationary, frankly it’s just an all around much more dynamic production.” (Check out Night’s review here). […]

3. Momusu Worshipper - December 25, 2010

Reina is damn ht.. hell yeah!! this is one of their great single.. A very sentimental single indeed since this is the last single with the 8-nin line-up..

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