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Anime Expo Day 0: Let’s Queue! July 1, 2010

Posted by Nights4Saturn in AKB48, Anime Expo, Jpop.

So, for those that don’t know, Day 0 of Anime Expo has nothing happening but the collection of your attendance badges and concert tickets. Nothing else. And I was there from about 10:00am to 5:00pm. AWESOME! Lets get to some pictures!

Here are the number of people ahead of me in line to get their badges. Those green doors way up there are the front of the line.

Here are all the people behind me at about 11:30, or a half hour after I took the other picture (when I was in the back myself). It looks like a giant mob of people because they already had the line snaking back and forth to prevent it from being too physically long.

Same shot, a little better angle, and a little later in the day.

A little later still. Notice the increase of the queue’s density, and the growth in its width.

Here’s a picture after the line had already started to move at 3:00pm. Notice how the “snaking” of the line continued so far up.

So, after I picked up my badges I get sent into the MAIN EVENTS TICKETING LINE. Yay. I love queuing.

Here’s the main events ticketing queue at about 3:30. This line took a PAINFULLY long time to start moving. We all knew that the line for the badges wouldn’t move anywhere until 3:00, but apparently the tickets were all “mixed up,” or something or another and we waited for almost two hours to get inside (where there was a another small line in front of the booth)

Inside I picked up my tickets no problem, and even tried my luck into getting into the exclusive AKB48 meet and greet that was taking place that afternoon. Apparently, they placed 500 tickets into a box with 32 winners, and only those winners would be allowed to go to the meet and greet later that day. While I was still in line for the tickets themselves, one AKB48 wota told me he would pay me $60 for my winning ticket if I were so lucky. About 25 or so dejected AKB48 wota were gathered around the raffle box when I tried my luck, and a female one even made sure that I was a fan before my attempt. Can’t say that that I didn’t feel really bad for them.

After I picked up my tickets and badges I headed down to LA Live to check out where Club Nokia was for Mano Erina the next day. I didn’t take any pictures of it because I forgot to, lol. Expect a couple for the next days entry =P

And in a sadistic turn of events one of my good friends got a job as an AX volunteer working in ticketing. A couple of hours after I got home he called me up to tell me he hooked me up with some premium seats for every single event at AX. Now this is both awesome, and totally disheartening. Awesome because I am getting some crazy close seats, but also cripplingly depressing because all the waiting that I did today trying to get a good concert ticket for AKB48 was for naught. Yay.

So tomorrow I plan to get to Club Nokia at about 8:00am to see Mano Erina, which means I have to get up around 6:30 to battle traffic and get there. Supposedly there will be some sort of red carpet event or something at 10:30, I have no idea what that entails, but it should be interesting at the least.

Tomorrow has both Mano Erina and AKB48. It’s going to be crazy. =D



1. clocutron - July 1, 2010

Sounds like a good time. That’s great luck with your friend getting those premium seats.

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