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Hello!Blog Hello!Project 2010 Poll Results May 17, 2010

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The results from Hello!Blog’s annual poll are in, and the results are:

For those that don’t know, Tom over at Hello!Blog runs an annual poll ranking everyone’s favorite Hello! Project members. With 2700 people participating it serves as a fairly accurate representation of the tastes of Western H!P fans.

So, let’s take a look at the results!

Ai-chan at number one spot? That’s not too surprising. Almost everybody loves Ai-chan. I frankly would have been surprised if she WASN’T in first place. Moving on.
Spots two through five are pretty agreeable with me. I gotta say though, I’m happily surprised that Risa scored as well as she did at number four. I always got the impression that she seems to be sort of overlooked in comparison to some of the other members. This is something that I’m deeply guilty of as well. She’s actually my favorite Morning Musume member. I don’t any of you would have been able to guess that, eh? =\

Momo, Airi and Miyabi all make very strong appearances, no doubt due to the awesome that is Buono! Momo, the most popular of the Hello! Project Kids, actually just barely edged Junjun out from making the top six a straight coup for Morning Musume.

What I do find slightly disturbing is poor Linlin’s spot way down at number 11. I don’t know if that’s just because she doesn’t get enough exposure (heck, even Sayu gets to yell during songs ;D), or if people just don’t seem to like her very much, which would be a shame. For an example of just how charming and offbeat she can be check out Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol 25 where she stars as the MC of a quiz show where Ai, Eri, Reina and Sayu are the contestants. Sadly, it’s probably the only thing I’ve ever seen her actually star in; but at least it’s quite good.

There was one other result that really struck me as odd, which was Manoeri actually scoring lower than half of S/mileage, her own backing dancers. I know I’ve said (repeatedly) how I’m not a huge fan of hers, but what I think really gets me about her is that as a soloist she has huge shoes to fill, and in my opinion she has yet to even come close. She can’t hold a candle to voice and stage presence of Matsuura Aya, or even Gocchin. Heck, even Fujimoto Miki’s short stint as a soloist before she joined Morning Musume showed far more promise than what Manoeri has now. Even with all that said I don’t think I could have ranked her behind some of the members of S/mileage, but that’s just because I just can’t get into idols who are that young.

And before anyone asks, yes I did participate, and no, I don’t think I’ll be sharing my results in here. This is primarily because I don’t follow Berryz or C-ute that closely and I don’t feel that I can fairly rank their members. In other words, I don’t want people yelling at me for ranking their favorite member so low when I don’t have a good reason to back it up =P


An Update on Nearly Everything! May 13, 2010

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Wow, so it has been a little while since I wrote in here, huh? No worries, I haven’t forgot about it, I’ve just had some recent computer troubles (viruses and failed hard drives FTW!), and a general increase in my other workload has kinda kept me away for awhile. Also, what little free time I’ve had over the last week or so has been spent in states of varying inebriation. That was somewhat of a factor as well. ^^

Update 1: Mano Erina Industry Guest at AX, AKB48 Musical Guest of Honor
Well, it turns out that Manoeri’s role at AX is NOT of that of a musical guest of honor, but rather as an industry guest there to promote her new horror movie Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki. GAAAAAH. I mean, really? Why the heck is there going to be a sneak preview of a horror movie at an anime expo? The only real reason I could see behind that is if that movie is based on some manga or anime (which to be honest, it could be for all I know). Now on the bright side, she is supposed to be singing I believe two songs (I can’t find the names of them right now, a bad side-effect from waiting so long to post about this… ><). This isn't bad, but it's not a concert. For me, I was really excited about the idea of a concert, and not so much by the other sideline events like Q&A panels. I know I've said it before, but I'm just not that into her, so stuff like a screening of her movie and other things just don't interest me that much. Sure, I still plan to go, but I’m far less excited about it than I was just previously.

So, the other big story of AX2010 is that AKB48 has been secured as a musical guest of honor. This absolutely infuriates me for one reason: AKB48 will perform in the Nokia Theater. The one year that AX decides to cut costs and dump the Nokia theater for a crappy convention hall with atrocious sound and questionable lighting was the one year that they manage to get an act that I DESPERATELY wanted to see. Then the next year, they just HAPPENED to get Morning Musume’s biggest rival and then have them go back to performing in the Nokia theater. Argh. Now, I have nothing against the AKB48 girls, its just that they really just aren’t my cup of tea. Well, I’m still going to their concert (I’m going to AX, and it’s idol pop, so why not?), and I imagine I’ll watch a concert or two of theirs in preparation. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a vid of them live, so I don’t know what to expect. I’ll be sure to share my findings with you guys right here. =D

Update 2: Morning Musume Seishun Collection B-Side Preview (Tomo) and PV Costumes

It’s not bad. I can’t say I’m crazy about it, but I don’t particularly like it either. It’s a nice soothing song, and actually seems like a fitting pairing with Seishun Collection, which I significantly prefer at this point. I’ll try and reserve final judgment until I get to hear the entire song though.

These costumes don’t require me to reserve my judgment at all though. Which is because they are so awesome. On their official profile page you can check out full body shots. Now, I admit that I think the black tights that everyone but Ai, Reina and Aika wear are a little bit more flattering, but everybody still manages to look pretty good. Heck, Aika even has a fairly flattering haircut, take note for the future, Momusu stylists. Quality stuff.

Update 3: Morning Musume Member Blog Translations
Okay, so this isn’t so much an update, but an addendum. Work with me here.
The guys over at Hyakupa Subs have picked up the translations for Sayu’s, Linlin’s and Junjun’s blogs.
turbos86 has a running translation of Reina’s blog.
Then there is Hello! SG Fans. These guys have running translations for pretty much EVERYONE’S blog. So not only can you find Sayu’s, Reina’s, Linlin’s and Junjun’s blog translated over there, but also Koha’s, Risa’s, the S/mileage girls and others. Their English can be a little rough at times, but its certainly not so bad that it detracts from it.
I gotta say how much I appreciate the effort that all these people put into translating all of these entries for us that don’t understand the native language. I understand that its a lot of work, but I truly do appreciate it. I absolutely adore reading the little behind the scenes stories that they often share on their blogs, which is something that I could never before have gotten. So, if you happen to be one of the blog translators reading this, then thank you for your work.

So, what do I have planned for future posts? Well, I want to start a series where I go over all of Matsuura Aya’s B-sides in a sort of review/overview fashion. There are some amazing songs there that I feel that many people have overlooked, so I’d like to correct that to the best of my abilities. Additionally, I’m almost done with watching the dorama Q.E.D. Expect a quick overview of that before I start the series on the B-sides, though, as I haven’t really figured out how I want to handle that yet.

So, to end this rather long post I leave you with the fine, fine cover of Ai-chan’s new solo DVD [Figure]:

To date this blog has had far more Ai-chan content than I ever originally intended. Looking at this picture causes me to feel that that is justified.

Ai-bunny Eye-candy! May 2, 2010

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So, everybody else does picspam and eye-candy posts, so why shouldn’t I? I took one look at these pictures of Ai-chan from the opening portion of the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Spring ~PikaPika!~, and I just knew that I had to share these. I mean, jeez, just check them out!