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New Official Morning Musume Member Blogs! April 30, 2010

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Wow, so since I’ve started my own little blog no less than HALF of the current Morning Musume and even the most recent graduate have opened up blogs of their own. Now, they may say that correlation does not imply causation, but I say that’s bupkis. And also, you’re quite welcome. No need to thank me.

On April 9th, we saw the first post on Tanaka Reina’s blog.

On April 26, Kusumi Koharu started writing in her blog.

On the 28th both Junjun and Linlin started blogging.

And just today, Niigaki Risa started a blog of her own.

The thing I really love about these blogs are the nice little pictures that the members take with each other and post up there.  Sayu and Reina’s blogs have so far done a pretty good job of that, and Linlin seems to be off to a good start as well.  Doing stuff like that really helps bring in the general fans, because even if she is not your favorite member, they’ll most likely post pictures of them you won’t want miss.  Also, this stuff is a great form of cheap promotion, and promotion is always great.

So, who do you guys think will be next?  I’m thinking we might see a public Aika blog, but who knows?

(I know some of you might think this entry to be a little visually boring.  I’ll be sure to fix that for my next post… =P)


Morning Musume – Seishun Collection Preview April 25, 2010

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Yesterday morning we finally got treated to a preview of Morning Musume’s 43rd single Seishun Collection (青春コレクション). I can’t say it blows me away, but it’s certainly cute and likable. One thing that I’ve noticed for this song in comparison to Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai is that the chorus is really pretty catchy, something that I’ve always enjoyed about Hello!Project songs in general. I have to say, the chorus is probably my favorite part of the song; I have a weakness for energetic harmonies =]

Something that I’m even MORE excited about is the PV for this song, which has the potential to be really neat. On Reina’s blog she mentioned that they were filming a dance scene outside, and then she let these pictures slip:

So, at the very least we get an outside dance shot with awesome costumes (Neon green and yellow are amazing colors, don’t even try to doubt it). On Aika’s costume you can even make a giant zipper-thing, which is pretty neat and reminds me a bit of Risa’s promotional outfit for the Platinum 9 Disco concert tour, albeit on a much smaller scale. I can’t say I’m all too jazzed about Reina’s pants, though. It’s not like I have anything against pants in general, it’s just that I think miniskirts, or even hot-pants would have been a much more sensible choice. =P

If this PV actually manages to live up to my most likely way over-hyped expectations, it may very well greatly elevate my opinion of this song a couple of levels. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Mano Erina at AX 2010? April 19, 2010

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This Summer, AX is gonna get [i]hot.[/i]

I had already gimp'd together a photo for this article, but once I saw her with that flamethrower I knew I'd have to redo it. =D

So a little while ago it was announced that Manoeri would be having some sort of an event in Hollywood during July, which was then clarified to be that she was to attend Anime Expo 2010.  Cool news, huh?  I gotta say, though, that the first thing that went through my mind was that I hoped they would give her a real honest to goodness event, instead of just going to Anime Expo (in Hollywood, and in July?  Yeah, it was pretty probable before they even announced it). I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had some of the best times of my life at Anime Expo 2009, but I had those experiences many times in spite of the convention itself.  I had a great time because of the amazing people I met there, which includes the fellow fans (GROUP 1!), and the amazing Morning Musume girls themselves.  To say that many aspects of that convention were run or organized poorly would be an understatement, but I’m getting off topic.

So, will I attend AX 2010 for Manoeri?  Yeah, I really can’t imagine myself not going.  I can’t say that I particularly like her, but the LA convention center is less than an hour away, so It would be a shame to let such an opportunity pass by.  Honestly, though, the thing I’m most looking forward to is getting together with more Hello!Project fans again.  In comparison to other fan groups, like anime for example, Hello!Project fans are quite uncommon, so much so that the first time I had even met somebody else with a passion for them was last year at AX.

Also, I’ll be going to show my general support for Hello!Project in the United States.  To get two acts two years in a row is an amazing achievement, and I’d definitely like to see a third next year (Buono! or even Berryz, perhaps?).

I am going to wait until AX officially announces her before I order my tickets, though.  To think that Manoeri’s staff would announce it when it wasn’t going to happen is a little unlikely, but I still don’t want to get a full pass if she isn’t going or is only going to be there for a day or so.

So, are any of you guys going this Summer as well?  If so, let me know in the comments below and maybe we could meet up there!

A bit from Anime Expo 2009 April 13, 2010

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I know I still haven’t posted up my article about how I got into Morning Musume, and this may be jumping the gun a little bit, but I think you’ll get a good preview of what that post will be like after reading this one.  I wrote this bit about the autograph sessions only a couple of days after it happened.  I was still really excited about the whole thing, and as such, I was pretty descriptive.  I’ve edited this mildly just for spelling, grammar, and a little bit of context, but otherwise, its exactly as I wrote it on the 6th of July:

At the end of the Q&A session on Day 1, one of the AX staff guys announced that they were going to pass out 500 little yellow tickets to the people up in front that would give us priority in the AX autograph sessions. He then told us that the session was being held in Hall K, behind Artist Alley. The session was slated to start about 30 min after the Q&A

So… 500 rabid Momusu fans more or less ran to the back of Hall K from Petree Hall across the convention center. And you know what we found? Absolutely nothing. 500 rabid fans turned into 500 panicked fans running around the exhibition hall. This was not cool. Turns out that the autograph session was up on the third floor of the South Hall and we were supposed to line up PAST all of the exhibition halls next to an escalator. Fortunately one of the fans that I became friends with found this out and called me and I got in the right line; which was lucky because a lot of people never even found it at all.

So, I’m in line and we eventually get moved up to this little waiting room up on the third floor where we get handed little numbered tickets for the session. I got #74.

So, we’re waiting in this room and the line is actually moving, and that’s when all of us realize that we were actually going to be able to meet them. Everyone was really getting excited. It was pretty surreal.

So, the line keeps moving and I get to the area between the door of the waiting room and the room where the autographs were and I trade in my tickets to some staff member, and I get this glimpse of Sayumi in the room from outside. Totally crazy.

So, I get inside and everyone is really nice. They tell us to get all our stuff unwrapped and ready. The one translator lady held up the front of the line, letting people go one at a time down the table where the girls were, lined up in order of seniority: Takahashi, then Niigaki, etc. So I step up to Takahashi and its totally surreal. She says “Hi” and I say “Hi” and hand her my poster. She signs her signature really quickly. So I’m just standing there in front of Ai because Risa hasn’t finished for the person in front of me. And we just look at each other. I’m just smiling ear to ear because I can’t believe that I’m standing right in front of Ai Takahashi. It seemed like we were just staring at each other for a really long time so I kind of giggled and she giggled back. So surreal. =D

So, I moved down to Risa and she signs my poster, and when she finished she puts out her hand for a hand shake. I was all like no way! So we shook hands. It was totally unbelievable.

Everyone else went by pretty much normally as one could imagine it going. With the girls saying “Hi” when I came up and “Thank you” when they finished, and me barely being able to match them out of pure nervousness. The only other really neat event that happened was when JunJun finished she forgot her marker on the poster when she finished and helped me hand it to Lin Lin, which was pretty cute.

That session was absolutely awesome. All the staff were really nice and the girls all worked at their own pace and it didn’t seem like they were rushing anyone.

The autograph session on Saturday was absolutely nothing like that. For some reason the staff seemed like they were in a massive hurry. We weren’t even allowed to talk to the girls while they were signing.

We were originally promised that for that session that we would be allowed one signature per member on any official item. So we could get up to 9 items signed. Well, they changed that too, without telling the people in the front of the line. One of my friends up in the front saw the first person in line hand Reina one of her photobooks to be signed (they were lined up out of order for some reason as well) and when she went to hand it back, one of the staff members grabbed it out of her hand and thrust it down the line to be signed by everyone else. He said that all the girls kept saying sorry to that poor guy for that too =(
The same guy that saw that happen also forgot about the no hand shake rule and accidentally extended his hand out for a handshake from Takahashi. One of the staff members swatted his hand away so hard that it left a visible bruise, that he even showed me. She even yelled at poor Takahashi because she was bringing her hand up for the hand shake as well. Really mean stuff.
When I finally got through I could totally tell they weren’t enjoying themselves like they had been two days earlier. The same fun atmosphere just wasn’t there anymore. It was still really cool to be able to see the girls up close again, but it really sucked that the staff had to ruin it for both us fans and even the members themselves.

I plan to elaborate on a couple of the things that I mentioned in a later post, so I guess you really can think of this as just  a teaser =P

Nine Years of Matsuura Aya – A look at Dokki Doki Love Mail April 11, 2010

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Today, April 11, 2010, marks nine years since Matsuura Aya made her major debut with Dokki Doki Love Mail.  Now, you may ask yourself, “Nights, why would you celebrate nine years, instead of waiting for the tenth anniversary like any sane, rational person would do?” and I would simply answer “‘Cuz I’d look like a jerk writing about that a year early.”  Also, I’ll probably do something suitably grand  for the tenth anniversary as well.

So, to start this off lets take a look at the titular song itself:


April Fools’ Day April 5, 2010

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So, April Fools’ Day just came and passed, and normally I really don’t think much about it.  I’m not really creative enough to pull off any pranks of my own, but I usually enjoy seeing whatever other people are able to pull off.  Today, I’m not going to talk about a prank that I enjoyed, per se, but I do think actually turned out to be pretty beneficial.

I, like I’m sure some of you do too, check the Hello!Online news feed a couple of times a day looking for anything new.  Well, on Wednesday night last week I saw this:



Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what was going through my head when I saw that.  I didn’t bother to think that the girls had been in Hawaii for the last couple of days, or any other anything else for that matter beyond: “Oh god no” (Also, I can’t read Korean, lol)

Then I clicked the link for the pictures, hoping, nay praying, that they would be poor enough that this thing could just be pushed aside and forgotten about.  Then I realized it, it was an April Fools’ joke.  I can’t say how relived I was, then that relief turned to disbelief at what had just happened (seriously, look at that date! March 31! WTH?!?!), and then finally anger.

To be honest though, the anger really didn’t last all that long.  I got to thinking about what the heck had just happened, and I realized I totally freaked out about Ai-chan.  Now, I knew that I had become a pretty big Morning Musume fan, and I already knew Ai-chan was right up there with Risa as my defacto favorite Morning Musume member, but wow, this really hammered that point home.  I remember what happened with Miki’s scandal a couple of years ago, and I did not (and still don’t) want that to happen to Ai-chan.   When it’s finally time for her to leave the group she deserves the mother of all graduations,  not because she has been in the group longer than anyone else in the other generations, nor because she is the leader, but becuase she always seems to put others first.  To rob a girl that sweet of a celebration for everything that she has done in Morning Musume not only for the fans, but the other members themselves, would be absolutely heartbreaking.

Going back to Miki’s scandal, I remember that I was quite disappointed and a little angry, but I certainly didn’t freak out.  Also, I was a pretty big fan of Miki at the time as well; I may not have been a huge fan of Morning Musume back then but, I did love me some GAM.  So, the really suprising thing was just how distraught this news made me; I had grown into a huge Ai-chan fan without even realizing it.

So, I thank you, Mr. Tuhis Kissman, for letting me see how much Ai-chan really means to me.  Just don’t do that ever, ever again… =P