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How I discovered Jpop and Matsuura Aya March 30, 2010

Posted by Nights4Saturn in Jpop, Matsuura Aya.
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As I had mentioned in my last post, I wanted to tell the story about how I first got into Matsuura Aya, and jpop in general.  It might not be the most interesting story in the world, but I think it would be interesting to find out if other people had the same or similar initial experiences with jpop and/or Hello!Project that I did.

To be honest, the whole thing resulted from me just messing around on Youtube when I was bored.  Around December of ’05 I was, well bored, and somehow got into looking at videos of Ogura Yuko on Youtube.  Now, I was mainly enjoying videos that featured her assets, but then I noticed this in the related videos pane:

Now, I want to apologize in advance if you happen to be a fan of hers, but wow, is that awful.  She just stands there and shakes her hips and slaps the edge of her dress.  I mean, really?  It’s so bad that it’s actually rather amusing.

Like before, though, the related videos pane provided another interesting example of jpop:

(I used that example from Dailymotion because I couldn’t find a copy on Youtube that didn’t disable embedding =\)

Now, this was different from Vitamin Love.  A lot different, and a lot different in a good way.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s still weird as all heck, but it’s also really, really catchy.  Also, it didn’t hurt that hitomi is quite the attractive lady as well.  It was actually this video, and hitomi, that got me into jpop in the first place.  From this I started looking for all her other videos on Youtube, and oddly enough, I really enjoyed them.  A lot.  I had become a jpop fan.

I’m actually still a fan of hitomi, and I have quite a few of her physical albums and singles, but I never really got into her with the fanatical devotion that I did for Matsuura Aya or eventually Morning Musume.  I’ll probably write a little more about her later, but for now lets move on.

It was from the related videos pane (again) on one of hitomi’s videos that I first glimpsed Matsuura Aya’s Yeah! Meccha Holiday:

Lord, and I thought that Cra”G”y☆Mama was crazy and catchy.  This was on a whole another level.  The song is incredibly infectious, and Ayaya (and by extension the, PV itself) was undeniably charming.  I was instantly hooked.  Like with hitomi, I started combing through Youtube looking for her other PV’s, and live performances, and I was probably hooked in less than a week.

So, as you can see, my entire love for jpop is based entirely on coincidence.  I find it odd that such a large part of my life came to be from such a hap-hazard series of events, but I guess that’s just how things happen sometimes.

Soon, I’ll write-up what happened after I had already became a Matsuura Aya fan, and how I got into Morning Musume.

So, until then, later days!



1. dreamtiny - December 28, 2010

Oh man that first song. She sounds like Yuuko Goto. If that were my first J-pop song I think I would be turned off from J-pop forever -_-;

Second song is definitely better. And Ayaya’s song is so catchy.

I got into J-pop because of anime (like most), but I don’t think I would’ve stuck with anime at all if it weren’t for this song. Ritsuko Okazaki ♥ I really wish she were still alive 😦

I think a lot of people fall in love with J-pop on coincidence though XD

Nights4Saturn - January 2, 2011

Hehe, I found it to be so bad that it was amusing, like a gag almost. Geesh, and look what it led to!

Yeah, most of the people I’ve talked to have gotten into J-pop via anime either from the OP’s or just the greater awareness of Japanese culture that most anime fans generally have.

That’s a really sweet song. I had to look her up, but that’s a darn tragedy.

dreamtiny - January 2, 2011

hahaha. You never expect to fall into a fandom until you do…

Thinking back, I never expected it. I heard Koharu first in about 2006, then I heard Buono! the year after. I followed Koharu a bit, but it wasn’t until Shouganai Yume Oibito that I actually first started paying attention to Morning Musume ><

I know :/ I love her songs.

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